We like to think our appliances are forever, but there comes a time where each one gives up. In this article, We give you 5 signs your appliances are about to pack it in:

Signs your appliances is about to pack it in


1. Strange noises – If your usually quiet appliance starts to make a strange sound, particularly a grinding, squealing, or banging sound, this could be a sign that your machine is about to pack it in. If you hear any loud alarming sounds coming from any of your appliances, call professional help rather than ignoring the problem.


2. Funky smells – Bad smells and odours coming from your appliance could signal that it has developed a fault or needs replacing. A burning smell, for example, could be a sign that a motor is overheating inside your appliance.


3. Higher utility bills – If you notice a sudden spike in your utility bills, this could be an indication that one of your appliances has a fault. Faulty appliances often need to work harder than necessary to do their jobs, meaning more energy is being used.

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4. Puddles and leakages – You should never ignore a mysterious puddle appearing next to one of your appliances, especially in a kitchen or utility room. Water leaking from your dishwasher or washing machine could indicate that your appliance is about to pack it in, so it’s time to investigate the problem.


5. Reduced function – Sometimes a sign that one of your appliances is about to break could be a subtle as the machine not performing its function as well as it used to do. If the dishes in your dishwasher are coming out dirty, the clothes in your washing machine aren’t being rinsed properly, or the food in your fridge doesn’t seem as fresh, this could be an early sign that something is about to go wrong with your appliance and shouldn’t be ignored.