5 Ways to Fix Your Boiler Before Calling an Engineer

Each month thousands of boilers break down and the Internet is inundated with people searching for how they can fix their boiler or central heating, especially from those who don’t have boiler cover or insurance. There’s nothing worse than a cold shower or a chilly home on a cold morning and the stress of getting a repairman out to fix the problem can be too much for many.

While we would never recommend any serious attempts at fixing your boiler yourself (this should be left to a registered Gas Safe engineer) there are a few things you can do for yourself to help diagnose and remedy the situation. Let’s have a look at a few of them:


Tip Number 1: Re-pressurise your boiler

Your boiler will switch off if the water pressure inside it becomes too low. This is a built-in safety feature of the appliance to prevent the overheating of the water and potential damage (and explosions). When your system was originally installed the engineer will have pressurised it correctly but over time it can and will lose pressure. While a sudden loss of pressure can signify more serious problems like a leak in your central heating system, a slow depressurization over the years can be a result of things like bleeding your radiators. To find the pressure on your boiler, look for a gauge on the front of the appliance near the other controls. This is usually a dial and may have green and red sections signifying safe and unsafe pressures.

You can resolve this issue easily and it can be done in many cases with a turn of a tap/valve / or screwdriver. Check your boiler manual for details and follow its guidance on how to re-pressurise the system.

Tip Number 2: Reset your boiler

If your boiler is behaving strangely or is showing an error code, you may need to reset it to its original settings. This is most commonly needed when the thermostat on the boiler is not reacting correctly to its settings. To reset the boiler, you will need to find the reset switch or, if it is a newer appliance, find the reset option in its settings. To find out how to do this for your boiler, have a look in your boiler’s manual or check the manufacturer’s website.


Tip Number 3: Bleed radiators

Air within your central heating system can prevent your boiler from operating correctly. A sure-fire sign that you have air somewhere in your radiators or pipework is a banging, clanging, or knocking noise when the system is on and your radiators may fail to fire up or overheat. If this is the problem with your central heating, try bleeding your radiators with a radiator key. If the air that comes out (you’ll know by a hissing sound and no water escaping) is more than a second worth, it is likely that this was the problem.

Tip Number 4: Change your thermostat batteries (and your boiler’s thermostat)

This may seem like an obvious tip, but sometimes something as simple as a thermostat set too low can be the reason that your central heating does not fire up. You may have more than one thermostat. One will be built into the boiler itself and the other may be a separate device somewhere else in your house for setting timers etc. Check your main thermostat on your boiler first and check to makes sure it is not on a timer and is set to a sufficiently high temperature (the central heating will not come on if the temperature in the house is above the temperature the thermostat is set to).

Once you have checked this have a look at your standalone thermostat. Check to make sure this is set correctly and its digital display is on. If it isn’t on, change the batteries and try again.

Tip Number 4: Check to see if your pilot light has gone out

The pilot light is a small flame often behind a clear window (so you can see it) on the front of your boiler. The pilot light should always be lit so the boiler can ignite the gas supply when hot water or central heating is required. If this goes out, the boiler will fail to do either of these things. Pilot lights can generally be re-lit quite easily. Check with your boiler instruction manual for details of how this can be done.

Can I protect my boiler?

Yes, you can with Boiler Cover from Prominence Support. Give us a call today and see how easy it is to get peace of mind for your boiler.

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