7 Reasons You Should Get your Boiler Serviced Every Year


Servicing your boiler every year can be a very good idea, and it will help bring in front some astonishing benefits. It might seem rather challenging and problematic at times, but the truth is that once you do it properly, the boiler servicing process can be very dependable and it will help get the job done in no time. We recommend you to start servicing your boiler every year if you want to access all the benefits listed below.


boiler cover service


Saving money on boiler repairs

Boiler repairs are very expensive. Yes, even the smallest issues can cost dozens or even hundreds of dollars. The best thing that you can do is to invest in boiler cover insurance. This type of insurance will help protect your wallet since it will cover all the necessary repairs. Without the boiler cover, you will have to pay for everything. As you can imagine, that can be very problematic, so you really need to invest in proper boiler insurance to prevent any hassle.

You can catch any issues early on

You can’t know what’s wrong with your boiler unless you perform the right maintenance. Once you start servicing your boiler every year, you will find it easier to spot even the smallest issues. Repairing them early on can make a huge difference, and it will allow you to eliminate those challenges early on. Just try to use that to your advantage and remember, catching issues early on can save a lot of money.

Staying within the warranty requirements

One great thing about warranty is that it will help protect yourself against expensive repairs. That being said, the warranty is usually applied if you actually service the boiler annually. Doing that will help make a huge difference, and that’s exactly the thing you need to take into consideration here. Start servicing your boiler annually, and you will find results to be way better in the long term.

boiler service lowers carbon footprint

Lowering the energy costs

If you are servicing your boiler every year, you will notice that the energy costs stay rather low. The idea here is that whenever the boiler malfunctions, it does end up bringing in severe problems. You want to address that as fast as possible, and you will be incredibly happy with the experience and results if you do this properly.

It helps protect your family

You always need to make sure that you and your family are as safe as possible. If you’re servicing your boiler, you are preventing any possible problems related to carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and so on. These might seem very strange at first, but around 400+ accidents happen every year and people can lose their lives this way. It’s very serious, so knowing how to handle this issue properly can literally save your life in the long term.

It’s mandatory if you’re a landlord or a business

Yes, servicing your boiler is mandatory if you have tenants or if you are a business owner and you conduct a business operation on that property. You need to have a gas safety certificate that renews every year. That means servicing your boiler is pretty much a crucial aspect to keep in mind, and you are forced to do this yearly.

Lowering the carbon footprint

If you service your boiler, you will be able to maintain the warranty valid. Even if that doesn’t seem like a huge deal at first, it will end up making a major difference and that’s exactly the thing that you must keep in mind. It’s definitely worth considering all the pros and cons, just to be safe here.

We encourage you to start servicing your boiler every year to avoid any possible problems. Issues can arise all the time, so you might as well focus on stuff that can really bring in the results you expect and provide you with the best experience. Something as simple as servicing your boiler can easily be overlooked. But the truth is that anything of this calibre is extremely serious, and you have to tackle it accordingly. Yes, it doesn’t seem or feel something very serious, however, boiler problems can be very serious, so you have to stay away from them!