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 Are you looking for quality products that are equally designed for function and fashion? Look no further. AEG is the best choice for you! AEG appliances are intended to make everything perfect in form and function. If you’re looking for a brand that is versatile and reliable, AEG is the one for you!

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AEG has been supplying a vast range of home appliances since the company was established in 1883. That’s 130 years of experience dedicated to making your life easier! Their innovative products are not only top-rated and high-quality, but they also feature a sleek and elegant appearance.

AEG’s current line-up of appliances includes a range of cookers, fridge-freezers, washing machines, and dryers. All AEG products are built with the same intelligent technology that the company is renowned for.


AEG or Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft AG (roughly translates to “German electricity company”) was founded over a century ago in Berlin. They have been credited for many inventions in electrical engineering at the turn of the century. Since then, the company has seen nothing but astonishing success. AEG has become one of the world’s biggest appliance manufacturers and distributors.


AEG Appliances

With AEG’s elegant design and innovative technology, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers. AEG appliances give you the ultimate feeling of control and mastery of your kitchen, laundry room, or home. By merging intelligent technology with responsive design, AEG ensures that all products are committed to perfection in form and function.

The Aim of Prominence Support Insurance

Accidents happen! Appliances break! It’s no big deal.

Unlike other insurance companies, Prominence Insurance policies don’t punish you when things go awry. We understand that humans aren’t perfect, and we don’t expect you to be! When it comes to insuring your expensive appliances, pick a provider that cares about you!

With Prominence Support’s premium policies, fixing your broken appliances has become faster and easier! Life is challenging enough, so we aim to make the process as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to leave customers feeling secure and satisfied, knowing that their policy will cover all their insurance needs.

We guarantee that our AEG insurance policy will cover any damage or incident to the AEG product. This includes comprehensive repair, replacement, and product upkeep. Our goal is to make sure that all issues are solved swiftly and efficiently.

Why You Should Choose Prominence Support Insurance

You can never be too careful when it comes to choosing the right insurance. The wrong provider can cost you thousands! So don’t take a chance with a second-rate insurance company.

Pick a high-rated, top quality company that you can trust, like Prominence. With our network of skilled, professional engineers, we are the ideal choice for your insurance needs. We’ll have your appliance up and running in no time!

Choosing a Prominence Support insurance company is a life-changing decision. Don’t settle! With us, you no longer have to worry about insufficient coverage. Rest easy with one of our top-rated insurance policies, knowing that you are covered for all comprehensive repairs and replacements.

Have you dealt with lousy customer service before? Did they leave you feeling like your individual needs didn’t matter? This unprofessionalism won’t happen with Prominence Insurance. While other companies only care about money, we actually care about our customers. If you go with one of our appliance insurance policies, you’ll be treated with respect and a professional attitude.

We have friendly, competent employees waiting to take your call. With our top-rated customer service, every individual case is treated as a top priority. We offer services 24/7, which means that we can be there for you at any time!

Don’t settle for less! Go for an appliance insurance company that you can trust.

What Does Prominence Support Insurance Cover

With our AEG policy, you can easily cover your appliances and domestic products. We cover all comprehensive repair, replacement, and upkeep of your items. In this customer-focused policy, we only cover AEG appliances.

Prominence Support insurance covers a variety of AEG products.

Some of the products include premium boilers, cookers (slow cookers, pressure cookers, dual fuel cookers), fridges, freezers (chest freezers), washing machines, drying machine or tumble dryer, dishwasher, ovens (kitchen top ovens, toaster ovens, steam ovens, double ovens, halogen ovens) microwaves, electric hobs, gas hobs, vacuum cleaners, blenders, coffee makers, hoods, and more…

What are the benefits of taking out an AEG Insurance policy?

There are countless benefits to taking one of our AEG insurance policies, including:

  • A vast network of trained and professional engineers.
  • 24-hour call outs for most faults.
  • Our customer service staff are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your queries.
  • Reliable, trustworthy policies that offer low-cost monthly fees without sacrificing cover

Pick Prominence Support  Appliance Insurance!

If you’re interested in learning more about Prominence AEG Insurance, get a quote today! Or call 0330 088 5768.

We understand how inconvenient and stressful it can be when an appliance breaks down in your home. That’s why we offer comprehensive and cost-effective insurance options for all major manufacturers, including AEG. Our network of engineers are highly skilled and able to fix or replace any broken appliance in a jiffy.

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