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If your washing machine breaks down it can be an incredibly trying time. Being unable to keep things like work clothes, school uniforms, and bedding clean can become irritating quickly and seriously disrupt your household.

Unfortunately, most problems begin after the manufacturer’s guarantee period has ended, leaving you with a large bill for repairs, labour, or even a replacement machine.

We here at Prominence Support understand that most people won’t be able to find extra money in their budget for unexpected costs, that’s why we offer a convenient alternative.

Our washing machine insurance is there for you when you need it the most and our engineers will repair faulty washing machine in the case of any accidental damage or breakdown.

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What if my washing machine cannot be repaired?

In the event that your washing machine can’t be repaired, we will provide you with either a like-for-like replacement or a contribution up to £500.

Why choose Prominence Support for your Washing Machine Insurance Needs?

There are a good many reasons to choose one of our policies, here are just a few of them:

  • Quick response times
  • UK based customer service centre
  • No call out fees ever
  • A wide network of trained and experienced engineers
  • Full coverage across the UK
  • No hidden fees for parts or labour
  • All major washing machine manufacturers covered
  • FCA regulated


What does a Prominence Support Washing Machine Insurance policy cover you for?

With Prominence Support you are covered in the following situations:

  • All washing machine sizes including small, compact, eco-washing machines, washer-dryers, twin tubs and heavy-duty machines.
  • Repairs due to mechanical and electrical breakdowns caused by faulty parts.

What does a Prominence Support Washing Machine Insurance policy not cover you for?

We always try to be as clear and transparent in our terms and conditions as possible. Here are a few areas that your policy will not cover you for:

  • Cosmetic damage to the washing machine, including casings and paintwork.
  • Appliances used for business purposes.
  • Damage or breakdowns caused by pest infestation.
  • Damage or breakdowns caused by neglect and misuse.
  • Faults present prior to the policy start date.


Isn’t my washing machine already covered if I have household insurance?

Probably not. A lot of people assume that their home insurance covers their appliances, including the washing machine, but it very rarely does. Check your terms and conditions.


Do you offer a 24-hour customer service team?

We pride ourselves on the customer service we provide and have a friendly and knowledgeable team on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls for home emergency insurance and our helping is open 10 am-7 pm for appliance insurance.

Do you provide policies in all areas of the country?

Yes, we do. We employ a wide network of professional and qualified engineers to make sure we get to customers as quickly as we can.

Do you provide 24-hour call-outs?

We endeavour to get engineers out to customers within 24 hours, although certain situations beyond our control can sometimes lead to longer wait times.


Are there any hidden fees for emergency call outs etc?

Again, as part of our commitment to treating customers fairly, there are no hidden fees in our policies, and you will never be asked to fork out money for things like callouts, parts, or labour.

How much is a Prominence Support Washing Machine Insurance policy?

Probably less than you think. We pride ourselves on the quality and value we offer, and our policies are a great way to cost-effectively protect your appliances.

Give us a call today and see how you can protect your home without spending an arm and a leg.

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