Hotpoint Washing Machine Insurance 

Of all the appliances in your home, your Hotpoint washing machine is going to be one of the most vital, and when it develops a problem this can cause major disruption. If you are a particularly large household then very soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by dirty laundry, and lots of it!

It’s a time like this when you are going to wish you had taken out insurance on your Hotpoint washing machine. Any repair would be taken care of with absolutely no cost to you. Having this level of support protects you from unexpected costs and ensures that your Hotpoint washing machine is back in working order in as quick a time as possible.

At Prominence Support, we provide comprehensive Hotpoint washing machine insurance, and can also extend cover also to Hotpoint tumble dryers and Hotpoint washer dryers. Our Hotpoint washing machine insurance ensures you have back up from us if your washing machine should suddenly break down or is damaged by accident. 


What is Hotpoint washing machine insurance?

Hotpoint washing machine insurance provides peace of mind to policyholders that they are insulated against any costs for repair should their appliance stop working or be damaged accidentally. On you notifying us of an issue, we’ll handle everything for you including arranging an engineer visit and take care of all costs including labour charges, repairs, parts. 

All this means is you won’t have to pay anything towards the cost of repairs, and if your Hotpoint washing machine cannot be repaired we’ll even arrange a replacement or make a contribution towards the cost of a new washing machine. Our accidental damage cover is particularly useful especially in the circumstances when something has perhaps been left a pocket and then washed and caused damage to your Hotpoint washing machine.

Your insurance protects you against things going wrong with your washing machine outside of your manufacturer’s warranty. Included in our Hotpoint washing machine insurance cover is the following:

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns
  • Accidental damage
  • £500 limit per claim
  • No limit to the number of claims
  • Repairs, parts and labour costs
  • Similar specification replacement if we can’t repair it
  • In-house technical assistance
  • A national network of engineers
  • Speedy repairs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Engineer appointments usually within 24 hours
  • Personalised cover level
  • 21 days money-back guarantee
  • FCA regulated


How much does Hotpoint washing machine insurance cost?

The costs of Hotpoint washing machine insurance is dependent on a number of factors including the original purchase price, plus also whether you choose to take out a multi appliance policy to cover other appliances.

Here are some estimates for a range of different priced washing machine or washer dryer appliances to give you an indication of what insurance might cost:

AppliancePurchase price range (£)Cost/from (month)
Hotpoint Washing Machine/Washer Dryer£0-200£1.92
Hotpoint Washing Machine/Washer Dryer£201-500£2.75
Hotpoint Washing Machine/Washer Dryer£501-800£4.13
Hotpoint Washing Machine/Washer Dryer£801-1200£5.50
Hotpoint Washing Machine/Washer Dryer£1201-1600£6.88
Hotpoint Washing Machine/Washer Dryer£1601-2000£8.25

Is Hotpoint washing machine insurance worth it?

When your Hotpoint washing machine suddenly stops working, it can be a major headache that you want it resolved as quickly as possible. When faced with the alternative of having to make regular trips to the launderette or relying on help from friends and family to do your washing, you’ll be glad that you’d taken out an insurance policy. 

If you are a particularly large household then a Hotpoint washing machine insurance policy becomes even more worthwhile. You want to keep any disruption caused to a minimum and having insurance protection ensures that you don’t have to find the money to cover the costs of repair or replacement yourself.

The cost of repairs to a washing machine can be quite extensive. Even just the cost of a call-out can be substantial, and that’s before the other costs such as parts and labour have been taken into account. Washing machines insurance ensures you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Having washing machine insurance for your Hotpoint appliance provides you with cover outside of your manufacturer’s warranty. It is worth noting that our insurance covers you for accidental damage which is important, especially with a washing machine when people neglect to remove everything from their pockets before washing them! Plus we don’t place any limits on the number of times you can claim.

Hotpoint washing machine insurance

Get a quote for your Hotpoint washing machine

It’s easy to get a quote for insuring your Hotpoint washing machine and other appliances. Visit our Appliance Quote page, select the appliance(s) you want to insure, and provide us with some basic details and we will provide your quote. Alternatively, if you prefer to arrange your Hotpoint washing machine insurance over the phone, get in touch with our Customer Service team. 


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