Is Washing Machine Insurance Worth It?

Of all your home appliances the one that is perhaps most at risk of breakdown and that you least want to be without for any period of time is your washing machine. If you hope to avoid huge inconvenience and a large repair or replacement bill, then getting washing machine insurance has to be one of your main domestic priorities.

By protecting your washing machine, and potentially other home appliances, can give you peace of mind and prove to you that washing machine and appliance insurance really is worth it.

What is washing machine insurance?

Washing machine insurance will protect you against the costs of repair or replacement should your appliance suddenly stop working. It ensures that you have support if your washing machine, washer dryer, or tumble dryer breaks down or is accidentally damaged.

Your insurance means that should something go wrong, you only have to get in touch with us and we’ll handle it all for you. We’ll arrange for an engineer to come out (usually within 24 hours) and repair your washing machine or help arrange a replacement appliance if it cannot be repaired. All the costs, including engineer call outs, labour charges, repairs, parts are covered by your insurance. 


I have a warranty for my washing machine. Why do I need insurance?

It’s easy to think that a manufacturer’s warranty for your washing machine gives you enough protection, but look a little closer and you’ll find that while it may cover you against mechanical or electrical defects, it will not usually provide cover for accidental damage.

Typically, it is so very often the case that you go to make a claim under a warranty, only to discover that it has just recently expired. Avoid this happening to you by protecting your washing machine and other appliances.

Of all the household appliances in your home, the washing machine really is the one that could so easily sustain accidental damage. It is so easy to put an item in the wash that you didn’t intend washing and then have to face the consequences when your washing machine packs in mid cycle! Plus we don’t place limits on the number of times you can claim.

Washing machine insurance is expensive, isn’t it? How much will it cost me?

Compared to having to pay the costs or repair or replacement yourself, washing machine insurance is incredibly good value. You can insure your washing machine as a single appliance, or make use of the incredible discounts by insuring several appliances under multi appliance insurance.

At Prominence Support, we provide great appliance insurance packages which can include your washing machine, washer dryer, tumble dryer or other domestic appliances. How much you pay is determined by the number of appliances you insure plus the purchase price of your washing machine and other appliances.

Here are some cost estimates to insure your washing machine based on the purchase price:

AppliancePurchase price range (£)Cost/from (month)
Washing Machine£0-200£1.92
Washing Machine£201-500£2.75
Washing Machine£501-800£4.13
Washing Machine£801-1200£5.50
Washing Machine£1201-1600£6.88
Washing Machine£1601-2000£8.25

With insurance from Prominence Support, you can insure just a single appliance, such as your washing machine, or multiple appliances. We give you flexibility so you can change your policy to suit your needs over time.

So is washing machine insurance worth it?

Washing machine insurance provides you with financial certainty as you know you are not suddenly going to have to find money to cover the cost of repairs or replacement when something goes wrong with your washing machine, washer dryer or tumble dryer. Consider the inconvenience that might be caused if your washing machine broke down, and very quickly you’ll realise the worth of insurance to you.

Washing machine insurance is particularly vital if you are in a large household that gets through very large volumes of washing. With your machine being used at regular intervals, the chances of something going wrong are increased, whether that is through breakdown or accidental damage.

If your washing machine were to be out of action for a significant period of time then there’s the disruption and inconvenience to take into account. You may have to find alternative ways to do your washing or you may have the additional expense of having to go to the launderette frequently. These are additional costs that you wouldn’t have if you had taken out washing machine insurance or appliance insurance in general.

Why choose washing machine insurance with Prominence Support?

Having insurance with Prominence Support means that all the hassle is removed if something goes wrong with your washing machine. We’ll get your appliance up and running again as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption that is caused to you. 

Our washing machine insurance and other appliance insurance is far more comprehensive than any manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty you might have taken out. It ensures that you are insured against both breakdown and accidental damage, providing you with total reassurance that you won’t face unexpected bills for appliance repairs.

You have the option of taking out insurance solely for your washing machine, or we can provide you with cover for multiple appliances under one policy. You can cancel your policy at any time to you like, unlike many of the extended warranties that lock you into a 2 or 3 year warranty period. We provide cover for older appliances which you may be prevented from doing under other warranties.

In the event that your washing machine cannot be repaired, we’ll help you by sourcing a replacement for you or paying a contribution towards a replacement. We place no limit on the number of times you can claim, so even if your washing machine runs into problems on a number of occasions, you won’t be disadvantaged by claiming again.

The best value is to be found by choosing a multi appliance insurance policy which will provide cover for all your key appliances, including your washing machine. Choosing this option allows you to access the best discounts and give you complete peace of mind. You can pay for your policy annually, quarterly or monthly and know that you can have the flexibility to cancel at any time.

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Getting a quote for your washing machine is easy. Go to our Appliance Quote page and choose the appliance(s) you wish to insure with us. All we ask is a few basic details about each appliance and we’ll provide your instant quote.

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