White Goods Insurance Cover

At Prominence Support, our comprehensive white goods insurance is designed to provide you with complete peace of mind that you are adequately covered against damage or breakdown of your main appliances in the home. As trusted providers of insurance, we are the best option for you if you are looking for insurance for your large domestic appliance that will fully safeguard you from all eventualities.

Many people choose not to insure all of their white goods appliances, as they consider that the costs just don’t justify it. However, once you start to add up the cost of multiple appliance repairs or replacements over the years – including emergency call outs, electricians, engineers, replacement parts and new appliances – the total can be pretty mind-blowing. Appliances insurance with Prominence Support is the only way to put your mind at ease and guarantee you won’t be hit with any unexpected repair bills for your home appliances.


What are white goods?

White goods is the name given to large household appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers, fridge freezers, and dishwashers. Originally these types of items were often available in white enamel coating, hence being considered ‘white goods’, but we can provide insurance cover for your appliances regardless of the colour!

Typically the term white goods is applied to the larger less portable types of domestic appliance but is sometimes used in a wider sense to include smaller appliances. We can provide insurance for most domestic appliances so it doesn’t matter whether you consider them white goods or not.

What is white goods insurance cover?

White goods insurance covers your major household appliances in the event of breakdown. While you might be able to rely on your manufacturer’s warranty from initial purchase, these are time limited and it’s almost inevitable that things go wrong with your appliances, usually just after the warranty provided with your appliance has run out!

By getting white goods insurance ensures that in the event of a breakdown of a vital appliance in the home, you shouldn’t have to be without  for a significant amount of time. We will get out to you in quick time and get your appliance up and running.

What are some of the typical costs for white goods insurance cover?

The cost of white goods insurance will vary, especially if you insure multiple items, as discounts are available the more items you cover. The cost of insurance will nearly always take into account the price of the appliance that you have purchased.

Here are some estimates for a range of different priced appliances. Each is the cost per month based on a multi appliance insurance and does not take into account the discount you might get for insuring several appliances or for paying your insurance up front on an annual rather than monthly basis.


AppliancePurchase price range (£)Cost/from (month)
Washing Machine£201-500£2.75
Cooker oven£501-800£4.13
Washer Dryer£201-500£2.75
Chest Freezer£501-800£4.13
Electric Hob£0-200£1.92
Dual Fuel Cooker£201-500£2.75

White goods insurance - washing machine

White goods insurance vs Extended warranties – what’s the difference?

White goods insurance and extended warranties may at first seem like the same thing, after all, both provide you with some insurance in the event of your appliance breaking down. But white good insurance has some advantages over typical extended warranties…

Extended WarrantyWhite Goods Insurance
Extended warranties sold to you on the high street usually lock you into a 2 or 3 year payment term, with no get out.Most policies allow you to stop your premium at any time, at which point cover instantly ceases.
Don’t always cover you for accidental damageWill cover you in the event of breakdown and accidental damage
Require you to purchase an extended warranty for each item you wish to coverYou can purchase multi-appliance cover, allowing you to protect several white goods appliances with a single payment 
Can be expensive as bought on a per item basis at your point of original purchaseAre often cheaper to buy, especially when insuring several appliances on a single policy
Often cannot extended warranty for an item beyond a set number of yearsWill often cover older items, sometimes those up to 8 years old
Requires you keep track of multiple warranties and payments for each appliance you have taken cover out for, including all that paperwork!One policy can cover your items, reducing the amount of paperwork to be stored and being just one set payment, no matter how many appliances you insure


What white good insurance do you provide?

At Prominence Support, we provide comprehensive white good appliance insurance, that enables you to provide cover across all your household appliances in one complete package.

White goods and other appliance insurance can be expensive, but not with this saving option. Receive large discounts of up to 50% on the total costs of insurance with each appliance that you add, when you choose your white goods and home appliance cover with us.

We’ll provide you with complete peace of mind when it comes to all your typical white goods in the home like washing machines, fridge freezers, dryers, ovens, cookers but also can extend this cover to other items like your hobs or cooker hoods.

What does white goods insurance cover?

Our white goods insurance effectively extends the warranty on your large kitchen appliances, keeping you protected from unexpected costs when things go wrong. Your costs are covered including engineer call outs and appointments, labour charges, repairs, parts and even full replacements.


A quick review of our white goods appliance insurance is outlined below:

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns
  • Accidental damage
  • £500 limit per claim
  • No limit to the number of claims
  • Repairs, parts and labour costs
  • Similar specification replacement if we can’t repair it
  • In-house technical assistance
  • A national network of engineers
  • Speedy repairs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Engineer appointments usually within 24 hours
  • Personalised cover level
  • 21 days money-back guarantee

white goods insurance - cooker over

Why do you need white goods insurance cover?

White goods are so commonplace in the home and it’s only when they break down that you really notice them. They are an essential part of the smooth running of our domestic lives that when one stops working, it can cause such a disruption to your routine that you really hadn’t anticipated.

What if you have a large family and then suddenly the washing machine stops working? Very soon you’ll have a build up of dirty laundry and be contemplating having to lug your washing to the launderette or sending the kids to school in dirty school uniform! Avoid this scenario by having a back up plan in the form of insurance.

With assistance from Prominence Support, we can help you avoid that domestic crisis when something stops working outside of your manufacturer’s warranty. You can have certainty that you are not going to face a hefty repair bill or have to stump up all the cash for a new replacement appliance. 

Is white goods insurance worth it?

With more and more domestic appliances in the home, the cost of them all adds up to a tidy sum. The idea of having to replace one of your must-have white goods appliances, like a cooker, washing machine or fridge, is something that you could really do without.

Each of these items is going to cost you several hundreds of pounds to replace. If you imagine how much the inconvenience of being without your cooker, for example, could cost you in terms of having to eat out frequently, then it quickly become clear that cost of your insurance cover will more than pay for itself.

white goods insurance - sink

Can I insure more than one appliance?

You can opt to insure your most important white good appliance or multiple appliances with Prominence Support. For peace of mind, the more items you insure the better, and of course, it works out cheaper with you getting up to 50% off for every additional appliance you insure with us. Just click ‘Add Another Appliance’ during the quote process to make the most of the multiple appliance savings.

You are also able to make amendments to your insurance cover over time to reflect changes in your circumstances or as you and the family in your household grow or contract.

What white goods items should I get insurance cover for?

If you are limited in the number of items you can or want to insure against breakdown then focus on those items that you consider are most vital to your household. It is likely that you probably use your cooker every day while your fridge freezer is permanently in use. Maybe you use your washing machine every few days and your tumble dryer less so, in which case choose the appliance or appliances that you can least afford to be without for an extended period of time.

Our white goods insurance can cover as few or as many items as you like, and with savings to be made the more items you insure with us, it need not cost as much as you might initially think it would.

Your white goods are usually the most vital of items in your home and we at Prominence Support understand the importance of ensuring you are not without your most used appliances for any longer than you have to be. Our range of insurance products provide our customers with certainty through comprehensive, competitive and affordable cover.

We have insured thousands of domestic consumer through our insurance policies and can extend your policy to cover other household items, not just white goods. With our UK based helplines manned with friendly, professional and helpful staff we are on hand to assist customers as efficiently as possible.

We are able to offer flexibility so that your policy can be cancelled or amended at any time. We believe that your appliance insurance should not only provide you with peace of mind, but also the reassurance of being able to cancel at any time.

If you cancel your policy within 21 calendar days of receiving it you will receive a full refund of any premium you have paid to us. If however you have made a claim during this period we reserve the right to deduct the cost of that claim from the refund of premium which is due to you and we will tell you if we are making this deduction. If you cancel this policy after 21 calendar days of receiving it cancellation will be effective immediately and the amount of premium refund you are entitled to is set out below.

Monthly and Quarterly PoliciesAnnual Policies
You will not be charged any more monthly or quarterly premium amounts and you will not receive a refund of any premium you have paid to us.You will be entitled to a pro-rata return of premium paid for the number of complete unexpired days remaining of your policy. The administrator will charge an administration fee of £20. You will not be entitled to a pro-rata refund if a claim or an incident that may give rise to a claim has occurred.

Unlike other insurers there are no restrictions in the number of times you can claim. We know that appliances can sometimes break in close proximity to one another, and we don’t want our customers to feel awkward if they have to make a claim within a short period of a previous one.

The only general restriction we have is that deliberate damage and pre-existing faults are not covered under our insurance policies.

If we cannot repair your appliance, we will replace it with an appliance of the same specifications as the one you currently have. If replacement of your appliance cannot be reasonably arranged we will pay a contribution towards the cost of replacing the appliance.

Arranging an insurance quote for your appliances couldn’t be easier. Go to our Appliance Quote page and select the type of appliance you wish to insure. You will be required to provide us with basic details of each appliance including brand, colour and price range, and from this we will be able to generate your quote.

If you wish to proceed with your quote then just select a payment option – either Monthly, Quarterly or Annually – so you can pay as a one-off or spread the cost throughout the year. You will receive confirmation straight away and all documents will be sent to your home address within a couple of working days. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Service helpline to speak to one of our team.

Prominence Support have made the process of sorting insurance for your home appliances easy and transparent so that there are no hidden costs or conditions to prevent you getting the service you are entitled to. Our aim is to provide you with excellent back-up so that you are never without the domestic appliances in your home that you value the most and are not faced with unforeseen damages which could cost you thousands to replace.

With the sheer numbers of domestic appliances in the home, it can be difficult to know which items to insure, but we can advise you so that you get the right level of cover for your home and your budget. Our job is to give you peace of mind that you are adequately covered and leave you feeling sure you’ve made the right insurance policy choice.

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