Do I need Cheap Washing Machine Insurance

In the next few years, washing machines will also be one of the most important large appliances purchases, which is why many buyers are trying to find one of the numerous guides on the Internet to compare the services.

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Since the purchase price can quickly exceed thousands, it is worth taking an additional washing machine insurance for the appliance e.g. if it should break after the warranty.


Is damage to the washing machine also covered by household insurance?

 The washing machine is considered household goods. As a result, it is protected against the dangers of fire, tap water, storms and hail by means of household insurance however check that your policy covers household appliance insurance. All other hazards should be insured by owners of an expensive washing machine by the special warranty extension.

What is the difference between the manufacturer’s warranty and the statutory warranty?

 The warranty is guaranteed by law and runs for 24 months on new goods. It includes damage that the device had from the beginning. Consumers can easily complain to the seller about a damaged item, but after this period they must prove that the damage was present from the beginning.

The guarantee, on the other hand, is a voluntary service by either the manufacturer or the dealer, who can also freely determine the time and conditions. Therefore, in theory, a trader could extend the warranty by several years. The statutory guarantee always remains in place.

Insured costs in washing machine insurance

In the event of an insured event, repair costs, wages and spare parts, travel and shipping costs, as well as consequential damages, will be reimbursed. In the event of a total loss, the insurer shall make new purchase participation, as well as if loss due to theft has been agreed separately. In addition, in the event of a defect, the insurer would also pay for the replacement of the clothes damaged in the washing machine.

How much is the repair costs?

A repair is only carried out if it is economically justifiable. Consequential damages due to defects are insured up usually to £500, or up to a maximum of the proven damage. In the event of total damage, the maximum value will be paid at the time of the damage or in the amount of the proven expenses for the procurement of a replacement device of the same type and quality. It is not mandatory that the replacement device is the same model, and you don’t have to pay an excess.

What should be done in the event of damage to the insured device?

The damage must be reported to the insurance company immediately, or at the very latest, within two weeks, otherwise, the customer may be denied the service. Furthermore, the policyholder has the obligation to comply with the instructions for the reduction of damage and to provide the necessary evidence, such as a cost estimate or a theft report. The cost estimate must indicate the cause, nature and extent of the necessary repairs. After completion of the repair or after the replacement has been procured, the corresponding invoices must also be submitted to the insurer within one month.

How much money does a washing machine insurance cost?

The contribution depends on the amount of the purchase price and the age of the equipment. The theft of your washing machine may also be insured here. Usually, they cost between £3 and £15 a year, so these insurances are affordable.