Benefits of Looking After Your Washing Machine

Washing machines can be extraordinarily expensive depending on the model and manufacturer. This means that a washing machine is not an appliance you wish to change year after year. Rather, washing machines should last for many years. This makes it necessary to provide a washing machine with a minimum level of care.

Washing Machine

Washing machine care is always worthwhile

Of course, there are washing machines that cost only a little money. But even that is a lot of money for a lot of people. In addition, there are also washing machines, which easily cost around £2,000. You can’t just run such a device down. A minimum of care is provided to the washing machine in the form of washing machine insurance. This significantly increases the service life. In addition, care also reduces the consumption of electricity and water.

Care measures on the washing machine

 When using the washing machine, the maintenance, therefore, begins with the connection of the washing machine. These points should be noted:

  • Attach hoses with hose ties (if provided in this way)
  • Align the washing machine so that it is in the water
  • Keep the washing machine door and detergent lid open between the washing machines

Aligning the washing machine is often neglected, even by professional fitters. Due to the inclined position, bearings and drive shafts, in particular, come under stress. This means that you can maintain the longevity of roller bearings and drive shafts by aligning them.

If you keep the washing machine door and the detergent flap wide open, the washing machine cannot create a damp and warm environment. This would accelerate the reproduction of bacteria and thus also lead to the formation of unpleasant, musty odours in the washing machine. By keep the washing machine open, you avoid bacteria from the house.

Descaling and cleaning is also care

You can descale the washing machine with products from specialist retailers, but also home remedies. Depending on the means used, you can clean your washing machine quickly. This also includes the removal of attached detergents in the detergent inlet.

The lint sieve should be checked and cleaned according to the washing volume often. Here you can find out how to clean the lint sieve on your washing machine. For example, if you have pets, the lint sieve is clogged faster. In addition, animal hair in the washing machine leads to an additional care effort.

In order to better identify damage to the running washing machine, you should maintain the cleaning and maintenance process from the first time you use the machine. This is the only way to get full value from the machine. In addition to the above-mentioned care measures, you should turn off the water and pull the power plug at least for the duration of your absence if you are away from home for a long period of time e.g. on holiday.