When your boiler packs in or your plumbing develops a leak, your home can be a stressful place. Being unable to get hot water for your kid’s baths or having to mop up a flooded bathroom can be a trying experience for you and your family. Attempting to get the problem resolved can be a frantic race as you call around for a good repairman who can resolve your problem quickly while trying to stop your bank balance from dwindling away in the blink of an eye.

But there is a solution to the problem. With good quality boiler and plumbing cover from Prominence Support you’ll never have to worry about leaks and boiler problems again. We are incredibly proud of the level of cover we provide, and our customer service team are on hand round the clock to ensure your problems are fixed without the fuss.

boiler and plumbing cover

What exactly is boiler and plumbing cover?

Boiler and plumbing cover is an insurance policy that protects you and your home from issues with your boiler (hot water and central heating) and leaks or other issues with your plumbing. Our aim is to take the sting out of boiler and plumbing issues, and we aim to have most issues resolved within 24 hours by providing our customers with access to one of the widest networks of qualified engineers in the UK.

boiler and plumbing cover

What issues are included in boiler and plumbing cover?

One of our boiler and plumbing cover policies will provide your home with protection from the following issues:

  • Issues and faults with your boiler, including problems with the boiler’s pump, thermostat, pilot light, and valves, that require a repair.
  • Issues and faults with your boiler that require a replacement part.
  • Faults or issues that stop the water supply pipe from providing water to your property.
  • Pipes that have burst, cracked, or corroded and are leaking.
  • Hot water cylinder issues that prevent you from accessing hot water.
  • In home waste pipe issues, including leaks from bathtubs, drains, and sinks.
plumbing and boiler cover

What other benefits are there to your boiler and plumbing cover?

We try our best to make our customers happy and look to provide an excellent quality of service across the board. Here are some of the extra benefits you’ll find from our policies:

  • Multiple call outs per year to protect you all year round.
  • A qualified engineer can normally get to your property within 24 hours

Do you lumber customers with hidden fees?

Unlike many of our competitors we are open and honest about our fees and never look to hide them in our terms and conditions. All costs for repairs (including parts, labour, and any call out fees) are included in your policy .

Doesn’t house insurance cover my boiler and pipes?

In some situations, it will. But in many others, it will not. Your house insurance will provide cover for emergency situations arising from fires, floods, or if you are a victim of theft. Any issues beyond this, like a leaky pipe or a broken boiler due to mechanical breakdown, are generally not covered.

Our boiler and plumbing cover is aimed at filling the gaps your home insurance leaves behind.

plumbing and boiler cover

How many times can I claim each year? I’ve heard that most policies have a limit.

With Prominence Support you can make multiple call outs each calendar year. We pride ourselves on the level of cover we provide and never want to leave our customers in the lurch.

How long does it take to get a plumber or gas engineer out to my home?

We know how trying a leak or boiler issue can be that’s why we aim to get an engineer out to all our customers within 24 hours. Some exclusions do apply based on location and availability. Check out our full terms and conditions for details.

Is boiler and plumbing cover expensive?

No. Our boiler and plumbing cover is both comprehensive and excellent value. Have a look at our website or speak to one of our customer service representatives to see for yourself.

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