Knowing where you can buy the best boiler cover for your central heating system is no easy task. But without boiler insurance, you could be leaving your home open to cold weather, discomfort, and even flooding. Any issue with your hot water and heating can be stressful and difficult to resolve but if it happens in the dead of winter, you could be left with a home that is practically uninhabitable.

But the best boiler cover may be closer than you think and a quick call to us is all you need to make sure your boiler is insured against every eventuality.

Doesn’t home insurance cover my boiler?

Only in certain situations. Home insurance is there to protect your home in the event of a serious emergency such as a fire or flood in your home or from things like burglary. Any other type of issue (such as mechanical failures and accidental damage) is unlikely to be covered and you may find yourself out of pocket if you don’t have adequate boiler cover.

Are there any hidden charges with your cover?

Absolutely not. We never hide charges in our terms and conditions for you to find later and all our charges are explained to you before you sign up.

What isn’t covered by your boiler cover?

All insurance policies have exclusions and ours is no exception. Here are some of the areas that are not covered (for full details of exclusions see our terms and conditions):

  • Boilers older than 10 years
  • Boilers not maintained according to manufacturers instructions

best boiler cover


How much is your boiler cover?

We offer great comprehensive cover for one low-cost monthly fee. We are proud of the value for money we offer and are certain that you won’t find better boiler cover anywhere else.

Head over to our website or give one of our friendly customer service advisers a call to see how easy it is to get a great cover and complete peace of mind for yourself.


Why do I need a boiler cover?

Because you don’t want to have to pay out large amounts of money in the event of a boiler breakdown. Boiler faults can cost an arm and a leg to repair and if you need replacement parts, you could find your bank balance shrinking by an alarming amount.

Our boiler cover is there to make sure that repairs are conducted quickly and efficiently and to stop you from having to face large unwanted bills.

What will your boiler cover insure me for?

With one of our boiler cover policies you are covered for all the major problems you could experience with your boiler, including:

  • An optional annual boiler service.
  • Engineer call-out fees included in the price.
  • Cost of repairs to your boiler including issues with pipes, pumps, thermostatic controls, and any valves within the appliance.

best boiler cover

What other benefits can I expect from your boiler cover?

Quite a few actually. We are proud of the benefits we provide and offer a wide range of features to our customers, including:

  • Multiple engineer call outs each year for your peace of mind.
  • All our engineers are fully qualified and trained to fix all types of boiler.
  • We can normally get an engineer out to you within 24 hours (some exclusions apply)
  • Access to our friendly and professional customer service team who are ready to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • We never pass on any hidden fees to our customers and all costs of repairs, callouts, and labour are included in the policy fee.

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