Boiler Controls Not Working?

Boilers are complicated beasts and have a plethora of switches, dials, and controls. Not only can you change things like temperature and operating times, but in modern systems, you can also alter things like how the system reacts to weather conditions. When everything is running well, you have full control and can change whatever settings you want. But when things break down, being unable to change simple things like temperature or even switch on your hot water and heating can be a real bind for you and your family.

Boiler Controls Not Working?

Most boiler issues need an engineer but before you reach for your phone, there are a few checks you can do yourself to try to remedy the situation.

Check the thermostat

The thermostat may be incorporated into the boiler but is often found as a second control unit somewhere else in your house. Check to make sure it still has power and is responding to commands. If it is older it may need to be recalibrated by an engineer to get it back into full working order. If it is a newer model, it may be battery powered. Replace the batteries and see if the boiler comes back to life.

Check that the timer and program switches are working

Most modern boiler and heating systems can be set to work at certain times of the day and in certain situations. The programmer and timer switches on the thermostat and boiler controls will dictate when this happens. Check the thermostat to ensure that the heating or hot water should be on and then make sure the corresponding controls on the boiler are not preventing it from doing so.

Check the displays

Are the LCD displays on the thermostat and boiler working? Are they showing any error codes? If they are, dig out the operating manual or head online to see what the code means. If the LCD is dead, then it is likely that the unit is not getting power or has developed and electrical fault.

Is the temperature set too low?

This may seem obvious but if you have the thermostat set too low, the boiler will not heat your central heating. If you want the central heating to come on, make sure it is set to a temperature that is higher than the current room temperature where the thermostat is located.

Check the location of your thermostat

The location of your thermostat could also be the problem. If you have it in a room that is generally always warm, or is in direct sunlight, or is near an actual radiator it may register a higher temperature than the rest of your house and prevent the central heating from coming on. Make sure your thermostat is clear of other heat sources and is located in a room that you actually use. Having it in somewhere like a cupboard that is next to your boiler can lead to incorrect readings and problems with getting your central heating to come on when you need it.

As a last resort reset your boiler timer

If the boiler won’t come on it can sometimes be because the boiler timer has become a little confused. This happens mainly after power cuts to the appliance. Each boiler has a way to reset and change the timer. Dig out the boiler manual and follow the instructions.

Check radiator valves

If the problem is with your central heating it may not be any of the controls on the boiler or thermostat that are causing the problem. Radiators have their own thermostatic valves that turn on and off when required. Make sure that these are set to a high enough temperature and are fully operational. If they are set too low, the radiators will not get hot no matter what your boiler does. If they are faulty then the pin inside regulating the flow of hot water may become stuck preventing the boiler from pumping water into the radiator.

There is a better way

If fiddling around with your heating and hot water systems scares you, there is a better option. Here at Prominence Support, we offer comprehensive and cost-effective Boiler Cover to keep your heating and hot water systems running in tip-top shape.  Give us a call today and see how easy it can be to buy complete peace of mind.

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