A boiler and central heating system in working order are essential in keeping your home warm and comfortable.

If your heating system fails, you want to be sure that you can get it fixed as quickly as possible, and in a cost-effective way. You can avoid an unexpected bill and gain peace of mind with boiler and central heating insurance or care.

For the ordinary domestic home, there are virtually three groups of options whether you are someone looking cheap boiler insurance or want a full cover with no excess — a range of options exist for all budgets.

Cover TypeWhat you’re covered for
Boiler coverCovers your boiler and its controls. 24/7 call centre so you can immediately arrange a call-out for a boiler breakdown. Optional annual service and maintenance check
Boiler & central heating coverAll the benefits of boiler cover as well as radiators, pumps and flue.
Home Emergency coverAll the benefits of the boiler and central heating cover. Choose whether you would like your plumbing and drains, electrical wiring or both included.


Do I need it?

If you own your own home, you can cover your boiler or heating system to ensure any large bill if anything happens to go wrong is taken care of. If you rent a property any cover should be taken out by your landlord.

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Are there exemptions?

Yes, it’s always worth being clear since there are often exemptions to boiler and heating cover, including mobile/nomadic homes, commercial buildings, and bedsits. Moreover, boilers may not be fully covered if they are not maintained with annual checks, or are older, so check any policy carefully.

What will be included will vary depending on the plan you choose. You may find that some policies impose limits on the amount you can claim per year/per claim, or some do not cover things such as scale damage or safety inspections and annual services. Finding this information at-a-glance has been made easier thanks to boiler cover breakdowns on comparison sites. These will allow you to compare the details of boiler cover plans.


If you have a standard gas boiler, you should look for a central heating cover that makes some of the following provisions:

  1. Repairs to your boiler – parts and labour
  2. A contribution towards the replacement of a system if it is deemed not repairable (normally with a limit)
  3. A certain or unlimited number of claims in a set year
  4. Annual service
  5. Central heating cover for your electric boiler

If it is an electric boiler you have in your home, you should look at the boiler and central heating cover that makes some of the following provisions:

  1. Central heating repairs: parts
  2. Guaranteed service in the event of an emergency
  3. A contribution towards the replacement of a system if it is considered beyond repair (normally with a limit)
  4. A certain or unlimited number of claims in a set year
  5. A helpline number

Is it worth calling for a repair?

The most prevalent scenario with boilers is that they simply fail to produce any heat or hot water, in which case it may be a worth a quick search of the make, model and the problem online. But sometimes the problems are more subtle and harder to troubleshoot, in which case, a call is probably required.

A sure-fire sign that something is amiss is if the colour of your flame is not clear blue. If the flame is yellow or orange it usually indicates there is a problem which requires the skills of an engineer.

Another common issue is when the pressure inside drops or rises suddenly. This can usually be rectified by topping up the boiler regularly. If a boiler is making strange noise this is never a good sign. Any clunking or ticking is likely to indicate a problem requiring immediate attention.

It is also worth looking out for a boiler using more gas than you think is normal. If gas use is rising but your habits have not changed this could be a fault with your boiler or the wide network in your home.

Useful consideration

Some boiler cover policies are capped at £250 for example, so make sure you chose a policy with sufficient coverage.

If making the switch from one insurer to another, be sure check your insurer’s cancellation terms and conditions as cancellation charges may exist.

Boiler cover is only possible if you are the owner of the home. If you rent your home, or you are a council tenant, you cannot purchase boiler cover.

Finally, an older boiler will not be as easy nor as cheap to insure.

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