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We here at Prominence Support are an insurance broker. As such, our products are regulated by the FCA and the ombudsmen service. That’s why we only offer boiler full cover insurance. When you compare boiler cover, you may be wondering what the difference between boiler insurance and boiler cover is?

While they claim to do the same thing the main difference between boiler cover and boiler insurance is that insurance is regulated whereas cover tends to be unregulated. Like all financial services, boiler insurance is regulated by the FCA and the ombudsmen services. This means customers have the peace of mind that they will be treated fairly and their policy won’t have any nasty hidden terms and conditions. It also means that, if they do find themselves in dispute with their provider, they will have the ability to raise their case to a higher authority.


Boiler Cover

Boiler Cover Insurance

Covers you in the event of a boiler breakdown, with stipulations.Coverage against accidental and non-accidental damage to your boiler and its controller.
Agreements tend to contain a raft of terms and conditions that prevent claims.Clear and concise terms and conditions governed by the FCA’s policy of ‘treating customers fairly’.
Unregulated – giving customers little recourse in the event of poor service.Regulated by the FCA and ombudsman services giving you peace of mind.
No right to complain to the ombudsman in the event of a dispute.The right to take any disputes to ombudsmen services.

But is boiler insurance even necessary?

Research from the This is Money financial advice website shows that exactly half of all households have had their boiler repaired or replaced in the past. And with costs running into the thousands, having insurance for your boiler could save you a fortune in the long run.



How do I know if my boiler cover is any good?

The simple answer is, if its one of our policies- you have unbeatable, regulated cover. If you don’t… then you should move your cover to us to enjoy unrivalled customer service, comprehensive cover, and great value. If you’re still not convinced, check your current policies terms and conditions. Look to see if your provider is regulated and try to see if you can get a better deal with us.

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What are some of the terms and conditions I should be on the lookout for?

Unregulated companies are not governed by the FCA so they can include any stipulations they want in their terms and conditions, including denying claims for no reason. As such they often include clauses that prevent a customer from claiming, even if their issue is legitimate.

Here are some of the terms and conditions to be aware of:

  • Extra costs that can be added for parts and labour.
  • Terms that prevent a claim if the provider thinks you have caused damage to the system. Some providers use this as a catch all clause to get out of paying as they can often claim you damaged the boiler even when you haven’t.
  • Some agreements include a wide range of terms and conditions that prevent claiming.
  • Extra costs for engineer call outs in the event of an emergency, or in out of office hours.
  • Admin fees, especially those payable on reporting a problem.
  • Larger than average excess fees. Some companies have excesses of over £100, meaning you will still be left with a large bill when claiming.

compare boiler cover


How much is Prominence Support Boiler Cover?

We are a low-cost provider, with boiler plans starting at £7.99 per month. Our policies offer unrivalled and clear cover for a low monthly fee.

Does low cost equal poor cover?

The short answer is no. Our boiler insurance may be cheap, but we pride ourselves on the cover we provide. Yes, you can pay more but are you getting better cover? Probably not. Is the more expensive company regulated by the FCA and ombudsmen services? Maybe not.

Before you compare boiler cover, give us a call and see how easy it is to get great quality boiler insurance with unbeatable value.

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