Homecare Boiler Cover

Your home is your castle and when it gets breached by an emergency like a boiler breakdown, things can become chaotic fast. A cold house is an uncomfortable house and being unable to have a shower or wash dishes after a meal can make become irritating fast.

We understand this at Prominence Support and have designed our highly rated Homecare insurance to give you complete peace of mind that we will be there for you to keep discomfort and emergencies at bay.

What exactly is Homecare Boiler Cover?

Our Homecare cover provides protection for your property from a variety of emergency situations, including issues with your boiler. If your boiler develops a fault that needs an engineer, we will get one out to you quickly and with little fuss (usually within 24 hours).

Once an engineer has assessed the situation, he will recommend the best course of action. If the boiler can be fixed, it will be done so there and then. If any parts are required, the engineer will order them and ensure they are fitted as quickly as possible.

What if the boiler cannot be fixed?

Then we will provide a fixed amount for a replacement appliance. See full terms and conditions on our website for full details.


Are there any other benefits to your homecare policies?

Yes. Our Homecare insurance is there for you in a variety of different emergency situations, including:

  • Issues with your household plumbing and drainage, including leaking pipes and blocked drains.
  • Failure to the installed electrical wiring in your property, including problems with wall sockets, bulb sockets, fuse boxes, transformers, switches, and light fixtures.
  • If you get locked out of your property or the lock to your main door becomes broken, we will help you gain access to your property and make it safe.
  • We will help you make safe your property after a break-in or vandalism.
  • We will remove any rodent, pest, or insect infestations from inside your home.
  • We will fix or replace any missing or moved roof tiles.

Are there any other benefits to your Homecare policy?

Yes, our Homecare policies come with a few additional benefits to make your life easier, including:

  • £250 towards hotel expenses if you are forced to move out for a lengthy period of time due to an emergency.
  • Access to one of the widest networks of qualified and trained engineers in the UK.
  • Initial inspection call outs are usually made within 24 hours (subject to area and availability).
  • All fees included in your policy price and we never pass on any hidden fees for emergency call outs or parts and labour.

Boiler Cover Control

How much does your Homecare Cover Cost?

Our Homecare cover is competitively priced and offers unrivalled cover for your home in the event of an emergency. The price of your policy will depend on a variety of different situations, such as: The level of cover required.

Get a quote online or call our friendly customer service team today on call on 0330 088 5768 to find out exactly how much it costs for complete homecare piece of mind.

Isn’t home insurance the same as Homecare Cover?

No. Homecare and home insurance have very different purposes and offer very little in the way of cover overlap. Your home insurance is there to protect the fabric and structure of your home in the case of an emergency event. It will generally only provide you with cover if you experience a fire or flood event or are a victim of burglary and vandalism. For any other issue, you may find that your home insurance offers little in the way of protection.

Our Homecare cover goes beyond home insurance and plugs the large gaps it leaves behind. The differences are set out in the table below

Home Insurance

Homecare Cover

Cover for natural disasters like fire, flood, and storm damage Protection against accidental and non-accidental damage to your home, its electrics and plumbing
Cover for structural damage to the property Protection against leaks caused by missing or damaged roof tiles
Cover for losses to personal belongings caused by theft, fire, and water damage Damaged or lost key cover and protection against getting locked out of your home due to a damaged lock
Liability insurance is offered by most policies Cover for your boiler and central heating, including issues with radiators and pipes
Is a requirement of most mortgages Protection against pest and rodent infestations


How many times can I claim in a year?

We don’t limit our customers to one incident per year, and we allow multiple claims each year (see the full terms and conditions on our website for details).

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

All our fees are set out in our terms and conditions (which can be found on our website). We never hide any charges and repairs, call out charges, parts, and labour are all included in your monthly premium.

Will I have to pay an excess?

There is a small excess that will need to be paid by the customer once repair costs have been totalled. Check the policies full Terms and Conditions for more details.


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