In the 2020s and 2030s, the UK will be facing warmer summers and colder winters. Last summer, many people didn’t arrange a boiler service privately or with their boiler cover provider in preparation for winter.

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Here are a few recommendations for how to look after your boiler and central heating system:

Regularly check your boilerCheck your boiler throughout the year before sub-zero temperatures set in is a recommended way to make sure that your boiler is working optimally. In the summer, run your heating for 10-15 minutes each month to stop the pump or other components from seizing up.
Bleed your radiatorsTo ensure your radiators are working as good they could be, we recommend bleeding your radiators every now and again. If you feel any cold patches near the top of your radiators, there is usually an indication that air is present that should not be. Bleeding your radiators releases this air and gets them working effectively again. Whilst doing this is vital, it can result in a drop of pressure. Ensure your boiler’s pressure is topped up by checking your pressure gauge after bleeding your radiators.
Prevent your pipes from freezingDropping temperatures increase the risk of pipes freezing and ultimately bursting, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. Keep your pipes warm by keeping your heating on low when you’re not in the house or allow your heating to come on at intermittent periods. There are also insulation materials available to purchase at DIY stores to prevent your pipes from freezing.



Here are a few other tips:


  • Regular servicing is vital – have your boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer to make sure that it is running safely and efficiently.
  • If you have a pressurised system, check the pressure regularly and (if required) adjust it so that it mirrors the recommended readings in your boilers installation and servicing manual.
  • Test your central heating timer and room thermostat to make sure they are working properly.
  • Make sure that your boiler condensate pipe is properly lagged, to prevent it from freezing during cold weather.
  • Check your boiler for black marks, which could indicate a problem of combustion. If you notice any, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately.
  • Inspect for adequate ventilation around your boiler. If your boiler is located in a cupboard, keep the area around it clear.
  • Inspect all external vents, flues (chimneys) and air bricks. Are they clear?
  • If you can see the pilot light in your boiler, make sure that it has a strong blue flame. If the flame is yellow or appears to be elongated, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately.
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide detector close to your boiler and test it at least once a fortnight.

Get home emergency cover

Sometimes there’s no better way to take care of your boiler and central heating system than with home emergency cover with dedicated 24/7 professional cover. Our central heating system, boiler, plumbing, drainage and utilities cover is here to solve your problems by providing peace of mind with complete protection for boiler breakdowns, heating failure and other home emergencies.


To find out more about our boiler and heating cover packages and or other types of home emergency cover, including plumbing and drains and home appliances cover, contact our friendly team on 03300885768. You can also request a call back to discuss your requirements or get a free quote online in minutes.

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