Building Site Health and Safety

A report from BBC News outlined The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) research about the safety of buildings. From this documentation, they noted that construction deaths are responsible for 32 per cent of occupational death.  For property owners, such a report raises a red flag about the safety of their properties. Mostly, accidents cannot be anticipated but property owners should have a proactive approach and prevention mechanisms. Even if these preventative mechanisms are in place, sometimes the damage could be costly and the landlord or property owner may not be in a position to offset the costs.  This explains why the home emergency insurance cover is needed.

Although numerous industry initiatives and incentives to improve health and safety have been considered, the situation has not improved. The stagnant situation only means that landlords and property owners will have to consider means and options to comply with the regulator. The UK has the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as the governing body for foreseeing and monitoring construction site safety.  Therefore, it is through this body that the standards of safety at construction sites are assessed. If they do not meet the recommended standards, then the property owner may be liable for a legal suit. It is this situation that makes it necessary to have an alternative to risk-aversion, especially considering home emergency insurance cover.

The construction industry remains a deadly and dangerous affair exposing workers and residents to safety risks.  However, a concern, from HSE’s report, is that these injuries can be foreseen and are preventable. Therefore, this is a wake-up call for the building and construction industry to be proactive in safeguarding the health and safety of their workers and occupants alike. Property owners should pay attention to injuries and falls from heights, fatalities from being struck by a moving object, and moving vehicles.  The figures highlight a concern. For instance, 47% of the injuries were from falls, 15% from falling or moving objects and 14% by a moving vehicle.

From the regulatory authorities, more focus has been on preventing harm on people in the construction industry as well as enabling them the chance to work after sustaining these injuries. These pieces of evidence point towards the poor status of health and safety incentives and measures in the construction industry.  Since the fatalities cannot be avoided and the situation has not improved, property owners must know their responsibilities for the health and safety of their workers. Property owners, in essence, have responsibility for injuries and accidents. Hence, it is necessary to insure the proper construction site in case of accidents and unforeseen health and safety dangers.

This can be likened to personal accidents and home emergency insurance. Prominence Support offers emergency home insurance cover for landlords. Construction health and safety sometimes leave properties susceptible to accidents and injuries among tenants. Construction trade insurance provides this cover. Although HSE continues to suggest that the situation has recorded a slight improvement, taking an insurance cover is a necessity for the benefit of the doubt. Injuries and death create a negative image of a property developer.  It can also deter tenants from moving fearing the same ordeals because injuries are majorly from design problems or mishaps.