Should you buy appliances online or in-store?

Buying appliances sounds like a great idea if you want to remodel your home or just take things to the next level. It’s imperative to understand the pros and cons or getting appliances. And it will definitely provide you with resounding benefits if you get some Appliance Insurance as well. After all, you never really know when issues can arise, so if you do it right, it can make a huge difference in the long run. Continue reading “Should you buy appliances online or in-store?”

Cooker Repair Insurance

Cooker Repair Insurance

Your cooker is one of the most important parts of the entire kitchen. You get to use it every day to prepare your favourite food. Plus, you have a vast range of options to choose from based on your needs and requirements. But the truth is that every cooker can break down from time to time. Which is why it’s a good idea to purchase cooker insurance.

Cooker Repair Insurance

Why is cooker insurance a good idea?

What makes cooker insurance different is the fact that it covers any type of issue that you may encounter with the unit. Whether it’s a mechanical defect, the gas system not working properly or buttons malfunctioning out of nowhere, you will have no problem getting the best experience and results. Continue reading “Cooker Repair Insurance”

What is appliance accident cover and why do you need it?

It’s very important to have access to the best appliance cover solutions on the market. The truth is that you never really know when your appliance will break. So it makes a lot of sense to have all the assistance and help you need to deal with this kind of issue. Thankfully, with the right system in place, you will be able to make it work and bring in the best results. Continue reading “What is appliance accident cover and why do you need it?”

Save on Energy Bills

7 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills


If you’re a homeowner, you know that energy bills can be rather expensive. The reason is simple, if you just take everything for granted and you don’t install energy-efficient products, you might deal with some issues. That’s why preventing any possible problems is crucial, and it all comes down to how you handle everything and deal with it in a dependable manner. There are many challenges that can appear, and once you know how to handle all of that properly, the payoff can be amazing. Continue reading “7 Ways to Save Money on Energy Bills”

boiler service lowers carbon

7 Reasons You Should Get your Boiler Serviced Every Year


Servicing your boiler every year can be a very good idea, and it will help bring in front some astonishing benefits. It might seem rather challenging and problematic at times, but the truth is that once you do it properly, the boiler servicing process can be very dependable and it will help get the job done in no time. We recommend you to start servicing your boiler every year if you want to access all the benefits listed below. Continue reading “7 Reasons You Should Get your Boiler Serviced Every Year”

boiler cover

My Pipes Are Vibrating: What Can I Do?

If you have knocking, rattling or vibrating of your central heating pipes then you may have a serious problem. And if you don’t have plumbing and drainage insurance cover, which protects you for when pipes burst or leak, you may be wondering what you can do. Not only that, but the noise can drive you mad as your pipes begin to sound like they are about to smash through the walls. But what causes these noises and what can you do to fix them? Let’s have a look at the reasons why your pipes may be vibrating:

Boiler room

Loose Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps hold your pipes in place, so they don’t naturally rattle around under your floorboards and in your wall cavities. When you turn on your taps, shower, or any appliance that uses your water supply, the pressure within the pipes increases as the water flows through the system. This can cause pipes to move and vibrate. If the clamps holding them in place are loose, the pipe will rattle and make a noise. The only way to fix the problem is to tighten the clamp back up but that can be easier said than done if the pipe is behind a wall or under the floor.

High Water Pressure

If the water pressure within your central heating is too high, this can cause pipes to vibrate more and eventually cause pipe fittings to become loose. To fix this problem you will need to break out your boiler and central heating manual and look for how you can vent the pressure to a more workable level.

Water Hammer

A water hammer is a banging sound created when fast-moving water moves along your pipes until it hits a swiftly closed valve causing hydraulic shock. The resulting pressure from the hydraulic shock can cause the pipes to vibrate violently. If this happens you may need to check your water pressure and/or get an engineer out to check the valves in your system.

Is there anything I can do to protect myself?

Yes, you can get Central Heating Insurance from Prominence Support. Our great value and comprehensive policies are there for our customers when they need them the most. Why not give us a call today and see how easy it is to get total central heating peace of mind.

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Why Is My Pilot Light Yellow or Orange?

A yellow or orange pilot light can be a sign of a carbon monoxide leak and should not be ignored. But how do you know if carbon monoxide is seeping into your property or whether the strange glow from your pilot light is something else entirely? Without boiler cover, you may feel like you have no alternatives but to ring an expensive repairman but there are a few things you can do first. To help you out, we’ve written this little guide: Continue reading “Why Is My Pilot Light Yellow or Orange?”