Cheap TV Insurance

Most people own a TV and have spent a considerate amount of time and money choosing the perfect TV for them and their house and family. Your TV may be central to your home, or it might only be used every now and then, but no matter the situation, you will want your TV to be protected. As TVs become more useful with smart capabilities, and as they become lighter and slimmer, they are more likely to be used in places where they could easily be damaged or broken. Breakdowns, faults, and accidental damage can be inconvenient and expensive to you and your household.


After the expense of a TV you don’t want to have to think about spending even more money to insure it, which is why you need to find the right insurance providers who will give you exactly what you need at the best possible price. Prominence Support offers excellent insurance that gives you peace of mind in any situation. Our insurance is designed around our customers with personalised cover and prices that are built around you and your needs. 


For a small fee you can rest assured that our team will be there to help when you need them. If your TV has a fault or is accidentally damaged, all you need to do is call a single number and your TV will be repaired or replaced at no extra cost to you. Your small insurance payments ensure there are no big and unexpected expenses if your TV suddenly stops working.

Cheap TV Insurance

What is included in cheap TV Insurance?

Prominence Support may cut prices, but we don’t cut back on your cover or benefits. When you buy Prominence Support TV insurance, you receive comprehensive cover and the security that comes with knowing you and your TV are completely protected. Our team of experts will do all the work to get your TV up and running again so that you don’t have to.

Included with your TV insurance is:

    • Electrical and mechanical breakdown cover
    • Accidental damage cover
    • No excess fees
    • Parts, repairs, and labour at no extra cost
    • No limit on the number of claims
    • A replacement TV with similar specifications, or a contribution towards the cost of a new TV if we are unable to repair it
    • Speedy repairs
    • A national network of engineers
    • Engineer appointments usually within 24 hours
    • In-house technical assistance
    • Personalised cover
    • Cancel anytime
    • 21-day money-back guarantee


How much is TV insurance and is it worth it?

Because we know everyone is different we look at your specific needs and customise your cover. We consider the purchase price of your TV and how many appliances you insure with us. We offer discounts for multi-appliance insurance and annual payments to help you save money. Without annual payment discounts, our insurance is already available at as little as £2.79/month! 

With the discounts we offer and the personalised care you receive from Prominence Support you will find that your insurance pays for itself. The small fee is nothing in comparison to the peace of mind and security you have when you know you are covered in any eventuality.