Choosing The Right Microwave for Your Home

What size or volume?


The size of microwaves is expressed in volume (litres). This refers to the volume of the so-called interior. The size you need depends largely on the number of dishes you want to prepare in the microwave. As a rule of thumb, one can say a size between 20-30 litres for a 2-3 person household.

choosing microwave for your home

For singles, 20 litres or less are sufficient. For 4 or more people households we recommend a cooking room volume of at least 30 litres. Sometimes the dishes are a bit bulky. Then the turntable cannot completely rotate. That’s why we recommend that you be on the safe side. Better a bit too big than too small! Because size hardly influences the price!


Installing the microwave device


The vast majority of microwave devices are so-called free-standing devices. Note that usually, a little space for ventilation needs to be left next to and behind the microwave.

This is not the case with built-in devices. Your microwave insurance provider may install it if you are getting a replacement from your policy but you have to check your paperwork. They can be installed, similar to stove, oven or built-in refrigerator. However, such devices are rather the exception and are therefore also purchased less frequently. We do not have such devices to choose from. We recommend advice from the specialist dealer.


Type and types of heating


We have already mentioned the so-called combination devices above. In addition to the actual microwave function, they also have other types of heating such as grill function, oven function (hot air or circulating air) or sometimes even a steam cooking function. Please keep in mind that any additional feature is also reflected in the price of the device. Check whether you actually need the appropriate type of heating: The grill function is recommended if your food is to become crispy: such as pizza, potato gratin, toast Hawaii, etc. You can bake cakes or muffins using the oven function. They are also ideal for frozen bread rolls. Compared to a conventional oven, the microwave is much smaller. That’s why the microwave heats up much faster. This ultimately saves time and energy.

The steam cooking function is particularly recommended for the gentle preparation of vegetables.

Microwaves without additional heating are called solo microwaves. They are the classic form of a microwave. You can mainly heat or defrost food or drinks such as milk.




Simple models have mechanical operation. They have two rotary knobs to control the microwave power as well as the setting at the moment.

More complex models have snaps and display. This allows you to program the microwave. This operation is called digital. If you are one of the people who absolutely wants it simple and solid, please resort to the simpler models. Small disadvantage: you can not set due time in the second range as precisely as with the digital models.

The digital models have a display in which the program, as well as the remaining time, are displayed. The operation varies a bit among the manufacturers. But usually, you choose between automatic mode and manual mode. In manual mode, you specify intensity and time yourself. In automatic mode, you choose the type of food (e.g. pasta, meat, pizza, etc.) and usually the size of the portion (small, medium, large). Exceptions: Microwaves with the sensor or integrated scale.