Cover for Brand New Appliances

Who isn’t familiar with the following situation: As soon as the warranty has expired, the household appliance starts playing up. Whether refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine –  appliances are now an integral part of the household and a life without a refrigerator is no longer possible.

cover for brand new appliances

Just imagine life without a washing machine, when was the last time you washed your jeans and shirts by hand? Even having to do the washing up is annoying when you have experience with the luxury of a dishwasher.


Often the errors or defects are repairable, but not for the common screwdriver. Not because special professional skills are required, but simply because the error codes that appear on the dishwasher displays, for example, are not usually listed on the Internet and therefore you have no instructions on what and how to repair them. So, the expert from your appliance insurance company becomes handy here.

Service hotline, technician appointment and hefty bills…

Now you call the service hotline, order a technician, and the nasty awakening follows the cost estimate. The journey of the technician, who has not even touched your device, is calculated at about £80 in addition, repair costs, the amount of which depends on the time required, plus material costs. Depending on the working time and material, the net amount can quickly reach £250

With such costs, one thinks twice whether one should still repair the already old device, or just buy a completely new one. The latter, of course, usually costs more, but whether the repair is worthwhile is also questionable. Quite a few consumers are constantly faced with this dilemma, because the technician appointment can also be annoying if, for example, you have to waste a day of holiday for it. The warranty extension and electronic insurance do not protect against this, but at least against the costs.

As with any other insurance, you should also avoid a deductible when taking out an electronic insurance policy. Although tariffs with deductibles are initially cheaper, if damage occurs, the own share usually exceeds the savings. A tax with a deductible is only worthwhile if it does not come to an insured event, but then you don’t need insurance cover and that is not predictable anyway.

 Should you make use of insurance?

Whether Thermomix, Dyson or Miele – the devices are of the highest quality, which is not least noticeable in the purchase price. When one of the skilled household helpers breaks down, it is not only annoying but can also become really expensive. You can protect yourself against this. Either with the low-cost, slimmed-down version – the warranty extension, or the extensive premium version – the electronics insurance.

What you should definitely do before purchasing is a tariff comparison. There are many offers on the market that can vary greatly. With deductible or without, with anti-theft protection or without… Prices also vary. In order to find the right product for your device and save money, you should definitely carry out a tariff comparison.