Different Ways of Ironing Fabric

Ironed laundry is now a basic requirement when it comes to making a good impression. Just as nice is freshly ironed bedlinen when it is particularly smooth over the bedding. Just a few years ago, it was said that someone who does not iron properly has no order in their life.


Ironing is a household chore that no one really seems to like, but which is part of everyday life when it comes to clean and smart clothing. Similarly, it is essential for some other pieces of laundry to be ironed. With shirts or suit trousers, however, this is not so easy.

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The most important things in a nutshell

Ironing is used to smooth laundry and remove wrinkles. Usually, an iron is used for treatment in the home, whereas in industrial trades an ironing machine is used. The latter are usually oversized for private use and only useful when treating larger piles of laundry.

There are some pieces of laundry that don’t even need to be ironed because their fabric is wrinkle-free; sometimes these are called ‘non-iron’ shirts. Other laundry, on the other hand, needs special treatment to smooth it out.

With a few tricks, laundry can be ironed completely without ironing. For this purpose, it is possible to use, for example, a hair dryer or the steam of the shower. These methods are a welcome alternative, especially when travelling when you don’t have an iron with you.

What is the difference between a steam iron and ironing machine?

The iron is an easy-to-use device that is standard in every household today. It is used by most people to smooth the laundry. The steam iron is also able to smooth the laundry in a lighter way by means of outgoing steam, as it moistens it too. The ironing machine, on the other hand, is an almost exclusively industrially used device that smooths laundry professionally. It is mainly used in laundries to smooth out larger amounts of laundry.

Nowadays, only the so-called hot deficiency is used, as it heats up. The precursor, the cold deficiency, was only able to treat the laundry on a cold basis.

The great advantage of an ironing machine is that it is able to process larger quantities. Unfortunately, special pieces of laundry such as shirts are unsuitable for treatment in the machine. They should always be treated with an iron. Since no such quantities of laundry come together in the regular household as in a laundry, a small household iron is used.

Other alternatives

The smoothing iron is basically a small iron, except that the ironing surface is smaller. During the treatment, care should be taken to ensure that the integrated heating plates are cleaned, so that no traces of hair care products are deposited on the laundry, by the way: a curling rod can also be used wonderfully for this work. However, you should always make sure that the tool does not run too hot, otherwise, the laundry will be damaged.

If you have a hairdryer at hand, it is also excellent to use as an alternative to the iron. For this purpose, the laundry piece is moistened with a spray bottle and then treated from inside and outside with the hairdryer. Due to the hot air, the creases disappear as if by magic. Afterwards, a clean pot can be used to smooth the clothing. Fill a pot with hot water and push it over the laundry like an iron. It is important that the pot is not too full, so that the water does not overflow and you burn your fingers.