Dishwasher and Washing Machine Hacks

A dishwasher is already a practical appliance, but with these tips, it becomes even more helpful in the household. You can easily put many more things into the dishwasher that you might not have realised:

Washing machine hacks

Children’s toys: If the toy is made of plastic, it can be safely watched in the machine.

Shoes:  Simply place sneakers in the top basket of the machine with the sole up and stuff and dry with newspaper after washing.

Flip-flops: After a wash, they’re like new.

Baseball caps: They can also be cleaned conveniently in the dishwasher. But not at the same time as dirty dishes. Simply place in the top drawer, but beware, if the cap is made of cardboard or the cap can only be washed cold, then you should wash by hand.

Brushes and combs: If a comb or brush is made entirely of plastic, it can be put into the machine. Remove the hair beforehand. Brushes made of bristles, on the other hand, can be damaged in the dishwasher

Toothbrushes and toothbrush cups: They can also withstand the wash process. However, toothbrushes should be replaced regularly.

Contact lens can: Contact lenses should be kept particularly hygienic. Therefore, the cans can be cleaned in the dishwasher. But here, too, the storage boxes should be replaced regularly.

Dog toys: For hygienic reasons, do not was at the same time as dishes.

Lampshade: The plastic or glass dust traps are nicely cleaned in the dishwasher too.

Key: The house key quickly becomes a dirt and bacteria collector. It can also join the machine.

Showerhead: In the bathroom, annoying lime stains can quickly accumulate. A calcified shower head can therefore also be cleaned with the dirty dishes in the machine.

Garden tools: After work, the tools from the garden can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Sponges, rags and crockery brushes: they are fine to go in.

These five things are surprisingly easy to clean in the washing machine:

Over time, lime residues, shampoo and shower gel residues accumulate in their shower curtain. These can be easily removed by washing in the washing machine. Normally you will find the washing temperature on the sewn-on washing instructions. If not: 30 degrees is the best.

Even Lego bricks, which often go through small children’s hands and mouths can with time, collect lots of bacteria. They can be cleaned in a jute bag at 30 degrees in the machine.

Sports equipment such as knee and elbow pads can also be easily cleaned in a laundry bag at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

Even sneakers can be cleaned in the washing machine. We have summarised here which sneakers are allowed into the washing machine and what is important to consider.

Cleaning cloths and floor wipe covers can be cleaned excellently in the machine at 60 degrees. In doing so, bacteria are reliably killed and it should usually be done after each use. Wash out the cloths beforehand to remove any residue of cleaning agents. Contact us for dishwasher insurance and washing machine insurance today!