Domestic Appliance Insurance; 4 Key Points

4 Important Points for Domestic Appliance Insurance – These Ensure You are Getting the Best Deal from Your Insurer

Should I Get a Domestic Appliance Insurance? These are key points to look for while doing your research on appliance insurance companies and what they offer.

From a consumer’s perspective, taking domestic appliance insurance could be useful as more appliance insurance companies shift from covering single appliances to offering multi appliance package at discounted rates. The shift from a single appliance to the multi-appliance insurance package by Insurance companies gives the end-users the advantage of insuring more appliances for nearly the cost of a single appliance.

For people looking to purchase new appliances or searching for reputable insurance companies to take domestic appliance insurance, it’s always wise to ensure any company you decide to go with offers multi-appliance package and have a network of engineers with a nationwide reach.

If you’ve done your research and have decided on the company to go with, there are important things

you do before committing.

  • Ensure there is a cooling-off period. You don’t want surprises upon receiving terms and conditions. As a rule of thumb, 21days is enough time to go through those tiny prints. Take your time in reading this carefully.
  • Make sure you’ve taken multi-appliance package with a domestic appliance company with no excess charge. Nobody wants to be left out of pocket should they need to claim, that’s the whole point of insuring your appliance. Is it not?
  • Claims limit is another important point to note, again as a rule of thumb this should be around £500 for a decent appliance
  • We cannot stress enough the importance of knowing beforehand your appliance insurance company have a network of engineers with a nationwide reach.