Ensuring Home Repairs is win-win for Both Landlord and Tenant

With low-interest rates, keeping your hard-earned money in Certificate of Deposits is an exercise that is going to keep you awake nights. Brexit has created uncertainty and the present interest rate structure is close to becoming negative. The real estate market is already posting lower prices and this is perhaps the best time to invest in rent bearing properties. The joy of being a landlord is however tinged with responsibility. You do not know what kind of tenant will stay on the premises that you want to rent. The repairs and taxes of the property will have to be borne in a timely manner as otherwise, you will be liable for contravening local laws.
To get over this dilemma particularly if you are new to the idea of a landlord the best option is

to opt for landlord home insurance cover. Several insurance entities are offering attractive options under the title of home emergency insurance cover, which includes coverage for

  • Emergency plumbing and drainage repairs
  • Primary heating system maintenance
  • Alternative accommodation during repairs
  • Repairs to cooker/oven
  • Repairs for water supply and gas connections
  • Pest infestation

Prominent Support is a well-known insurance provider that covers emergency home repair solutions by dealing directly with the tenant. With a 24-hour help desk, Prominent Support is confident that their financial product is both a necessity and a service to the customer They have simplified registration requirements to the basic requirements that can be done online. Documents supporting your ownership as well as the tenant agreements can be uploaded online and the verification process is fast that in most cases takes just two business days. With options for payment of premium in quarterly schedules, the landlord can tailor cash flow accordingly. In fact, by balancing the rent and the insurance cover it becomes a win-win situation for the tenant.