Gas Cooker Insurance Cover Protection

When you buy a cooker from kenwood, hotpoint, beko or any other brand for a home and it is a new purchase the item is covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Generally, most warranties are for a period of 12 months. Some manufacturers do offer longer warranties and it could be for specific parts. However, most offer an extended warranty after 12 months that can be extended for another 12 months or 24 months.

New technology is incorporated into the latest model of appliances

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and hence many people use the following logic that instead of extending the warranty it is better to buy a new one with better technology. This reasoning is all right if you can afford it. The new appliance will definitely cost more and any exchange offer for the older appliance maybe just a tiny fraction of the actual cost that was paid for it.

There is another option for the homeowner. Several companies have entered the domain of insuring household appliances. The word insurance is actually an extended warranty with accidental cover. This is how it works. You call these companies and they send an engineer to evaluate the appliance or appliances (if you want multi appliance insurance) Post evaluation you are given an offer that details the terms and conditions of warranty and the premium you will have to pay. Most of these companies have flexible payment arrangements and the option of terminating the contract in case you are opting to buy a new appliance or you are selling the older appliance in the used goods marketplace or simply gifting it.

Hotpoint Gas Cooker Insurance Cover

Into this domain is Prominence Support that has taken warranty of appliances to a new level. They offer insurance cover for cookers. This is new territory for homeowners as until now gas breakdown cover was unheard of. Prominence Support offer cooker insurance rates that appear affordable and the benefits include

  • Warranty against electrical or mechanical faults
  • Cash compensation (subject to limits)
  • The cover includes the cost of spare parts and labour if the appliance can be repaired
  • In the case of we can’t repair it, the company will provide replacement of equivalent specification