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Protect your Appliances against breakdown and replacement from £1.57 per month


Appliance cover from £1.57 per month (monthly rolling contract option).

  • Mechanical, electrical breakdowns and accidental damage cover
  • Unlimited Claims
  • Repairs, parts and labour costs
  • If it can’t be fixed, it will be replaced
  • Up to £500 per claim
  • Unlimited call-outs

Cheap Cover Qoutes?

You could be losing £000s a year with no cover!

If you have bought any appliances including Washing Machines, Cooker, Fridge-Freezer, Boilers and more  – it’s likely you may need a cover plan.

For a price lower than you think, UK residents protect their kitchen appliances against unforeseen, mechanical, accidental and electrical damage as a way to avoid unnecessary expenses!

Do a money makeover. Million’s of people in the UK are saving £1000’s per year by checking what they pay on things and avoiding unnecessary expense.

Simply enter your details and you’ll be shocked at how much you could save against repairs and replacements!

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Some of our customers switch to us on renewals.

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We Cover all Kitchen Appliances and Boiler

Fridge Freezer

Cover fridge freezer from £1.57 pm


Cover television from £1.57 pm


Cover cooker from £1.57 pm


Cover all kitchen appliances from less than £10 pm

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Cover boiler & heating from 4.99pm.


Cover dishwasher from £1.57 pm

Why Switch?

  1. Your current cover is coming to an end, however, you are not very satisfied with their level of service or price. You will like to continue protecting your appliances for a better deal.
  2. Your cover is coming to an end however it is limited in value, for example; it doesn’t include accidental damage cover. It limits the number of appliances you may like to protect, and/or doesn’t offer unlimited/multiple repairs and replacement.
  3. Your current cover was sold to you by a retailer when you purchased the appliance, perhaps you are concerned that it is just a service plan or maintenance contract or extended warranty and not insurance backed protection – therefore not providing you with protection from the Financial Services Regulators. It is coming to an end and you want a greater opportunity to get a cover of your choice or a more suitable cover.

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What people says

David Pollid

Once the engineer realised the fault, I was contacted very quickly by Prominence to discuss a replacement Fridge-Freezer. We are all now very much in love with our new Fridge-Freezer.

David Pollid


Margaret Taylor

Repairs were completed to a high standard, and the engineer was very forthcoming with explaining what the issues were and how to avoid faults in the future. Very pleased

Margaret Taylor


Isabella Hughes

Time keeping was immaculate.  Overall great job

Isabella Hughes


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