Guide to Washing Woolen Tops and Wool Jumpers

Wool is a fantastic clothing material. It is an all-natural material that provides exceptional warmth. The comfort of putting on your favourite wool jumper or wool top is unmatched among clothing. The unique properties of the material make it a must for anyone trying to endure bitterly cold weather, but getting the most out of your woollen clothing takes a little bit of proper care. Continue reading to learn a handful of quick tips and tricks for taking care of your precious woollen garments.

·         Wash Wool Less Frequently

A simple step to make sure that your wool tops or jumpers last a very long time is washing it less frequently. Wool does not require as much deep washing as cotton or denim due to the unique properties of the fabric. This means that you can get by for the most part by spot cleaning soils and also airing the garment out from time to time to let it breathe and remove any odors that may accumulate from prolonged use.

·         Pre-Soak Wool in Cold Water

If you should decide that it is time to wash the garment, there are a few steps you should take before washing. A great way to reduce the effect of wear on any item constructed of wool is to soak it in a bath of cold water before the wash. This contracts the material and leads to a stiffer overall garment that is more durable in the wash. This durability is the result of higher resistance to wear during the agitation process because it is not as loose. This can stop any snagging that may occur and leave permanent damage to your favourite wool jumper.

·         Use Cold Water in the Wash Cycle

To take even further steps in protecting your wool jumpers or tops always wash in cold water. This will ensure that the fabric remains taut and firm during the entire wash cycle. This stiffness in the material will give the maximum amount of protection against any damage that may occur during the wash.

·         Use a Gentle Detergent and Gently Wash Settings

Along with the cold presoak, it is crucial to pick a detergent that is gentle on the fabric and a wash cycle that doesn’t require as heavy of an agitation action to get the item clean. This all goes back to the first item on this list, where you learned that wool is a unique material. It has a reduced porosity compared to other types of fabric, so it does not require a strong detergent or an aggressive agitation cycle to remove dirt. Using a strong detergent will lead to a break down of the wool. Additionally, using an aggressive agitation cycle will produce snags or destroy the weave.

·         Air Dry Only

The last step in rejuvenating your woollen treasures is to only air dry. The modern tumble dryer is a great machine with a ton of uses, but drying wool is not one of them. This can cause shrinkage that makes a garment unwearable. There are few things worse than throwing your favourite woollen jumper into the wash and pulling it out only to find it is a third of the size of when you put it in. This is why all drying is best done using the simple but effective method of air drying. It may take a bit longer, but it will pay huge dividends in the longevity of any wool top or wool jumper.