How To Choose The Best Appliance Insurance

If you’ve decided that you want to insure some of your household appliances, how do you choose the right insurance provider? Getting the choice right is important if you want to ensure that you have the correct level of insurance for your appliances and there are no hidden clauses that prevent you making a claim.

Here are a number of question to consider to help you determine the best appliance insurance :

What is the level of cover?

Different insurers will provide different levels of cover. It is always worth remembering that cheapest isn’t always best, and trying to save yourself a few pounds could end up compromising your level of cover. You really need to look at the finer detail of any prospective insurance policy to ensure that the cover provided is sufficient for your needs.


Are all costs of repair covered?

Ideally, you want appliance insurance that will handle everything for you without any cost to you beyond the premium that you pay. Your appliance insurance should cover every aspect, from engineer call outs and appointments, labour charges, repairs, parts and even full replacements without any additional charge to you.

Is accidental damage covered?

This is an important distinction between appliance insurance policies and other kinds of warranties. A good appliance insurance should provide cover for you for accidental damage. Check the small print to ensure that there aren’t any sneaky clauses that might prevent you from being able to claim for accidental damage.

What happens if your appliance can’t be repaired?

It is always worth looking into what would happen if your appliance cannot be repaired. You want to be sure that you will not end up in a worse position that you started, and that if your appliance is replaced for you, that you receive an appliance of the same specification as the one you previously had. In some cases, a cash alternative may be an option towards the cost of a replacement.


how to choose the best appliance insurance

Are there discounts for insuring multiple appliances?

Some appliance insurers may provide you with an individual policy for each appliance you wish to insure without any sort of discount available. If you are thinking of insuring multiple then go with a company that will offer you a bigger discount the more household appliances you are looking to insure. Having it all under one policy with a single payment makes it easier to manage.

Is there an excess to pay when making a claim?

This can be a stumbling block for some people to make an appliance claim when they realise they have to pay an amount up front each time they make a claim. Ideally, try and avoid appliance insurers who charge you an ‘excess’ when making a claim – you shouldn’t really have to pay anything when making a claim for one of your appliances.

Is there a limit on how many times you can claim?

Sometimes a poor run of luck can mean you have to make a claim for several appliances within quick succession, and in some cases this can end up causing you a problem. Some appliance insurance may place a limit on the number of times you can claim, meaning you may actually be prevented from claiming if you’ve already passed your allowed claim limit. Choose appliance insurance that doesn’t place a limit on your number of claims.

Can older items be insured?

Often an insurer may prevent you from being able to get insurance for an appliance beyond a set number of years. While it’s normal that some sort of age limit of appliances has to be placed on them, it is worth looking for appliance insurers who may cover some of your older appliances, maybe even appliances up to 8 years old.


Are there different payment options?

Not everyone has the wish or means to pay for an appliance insurance policy upfront on a long-term basis. While there are often generous discounts to be had by paying for your policy in advance, such as annually, some people prefer to have the option of paying for an insurance policy either monthly or quarterly, so shop around to find an insurer who suits your payment needs.

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Can you cancel or change your policy when you want?

You want flexibility in your appliance insurance policy so that it can change with your circumstances or requirements. Some insurance policies or extended warranties lock you into a 2 or 3-year term which you pay for upfront and are generally unable to cancel without losing the bulk of the premium you have already paid.

Are they FCA regulated?

Appliance insurers, like all financial service providers should be authorised and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure that they meet the required standards. When taking out appliance insurance, you should only deal with an authorised company, to ensure that everything is legitimate and you can have confidence in the company you have chosen.

Taking out appliance insurance can be confusing, but by choosing a company like Prominence Support will ensure that all the factors highlighted above have been addressed for you already. Prominence Support are trusted and FCA regulated providers of comprehensive, reliable, flexible and affordable appliance insurance, meaning you can be confident you have made the right choice when selecting your appliance insurance.

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns
  • Accidental damage
  • No limit to the number of claims
  • Repairs, parts and labour costs
  • Similar specification replacement if we can’t repair it
  • In-house technical assistance
  • A trusted nationwide network of engineers
  • Speedy repairs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Engineer appointments usually within 24 hours

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