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Many people these days head online to comparison sites for their insurance needs, including appliance insurance. While this can be a useful way to gauge the pricing of providers, there can be a few things you should be aware of.

Comparison sites have become a powerful tool for buyers. The problem with some comparison sites is that they make it far too easy to get fixated on the products that they push front and centre and this can prevent you from digging deeper to find the right cover for you.

Comparison sites are much like any business and the providers they ‘choose’ are often the ones that give them a financial incentive, in some cases up to 24% of the policy price according to consumer rights website Moneywise. That’s not to say comparison sites are bad, but it is important to make sure you do your homework when you compare appliance insurance.

What exactly is home appliance insurance?

Home appliance insurance policies are there to plug the gap between an appliance’s warranty and your household insurance. But before we discuss how insurance works, let’s look at the pitfalls of some of the other options.

Most home contents insurance will offer some form of cover for appliances, but they will do so with strict limitations. Commonly, an appliance will be covered for things like theft or accidental damage, but not for mechanical breakdown, engineer call out charges, or costs for parts and labour.

Most new home appliances will be protected by at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering things like mechanical breakdown (not accidental damage) within the first year. Outside of that, you could extend the manufacturer’s warranty at the point of purchase, but this will only protect the one device and may have many strict limitations.

A more comprehensive and better value option for most households would be to insure all their appliances with a home appliance insurance policy. If you have a lot of expensive appliances that would cost an arm and a leg to repair or replace, this option could save you money and give you peace of mind at the end of the day.

We here at Prominence Support offer a cost-effective and comprehensive appliance cover that is there for our customers when they need it.

What’s the difference between appliance cover and appliance insurance cover?

Prominence Support is an insurance company (a financial service) and as such, all our policies are regulated by the FCA and our customers are protected by the financial compensation scheme. That’s why we offer appliance insurance, not appliance cover.

Companies who offer appliance cover, on the other hand, are not selling insurance so are not considered a financial service and as such are not regulated by the FCA.


 Why does that matter?

All financial services are regulated. This means customers who opt for one of our insurance policies have the peace of mind that they will be treated fairly.

With unregulated appliance cover policies, companies can include any stipulations they want in the terms and conditions, and if something does go wrong you have little recourse to a regulatory authority.

Appliance Cover Appliance Insurance
Covers you in the event of an appliance fault or breakdown, according to the companies terms and conditions. Includes coverage against accidental and non-accidental damage to your appliances. A complete insurance product.
Agreements tend to contain a raft of terms and conditions. Clear and concise terms and conditions governed by the policy of ‘treating customers fairly’.
Unregulated giving customers little recourse in the event of poor service. Regulated services giving you peace of mind.


Which appliances are covered by a Prominence Support home appliance insurance policy?

With one of our policies, most appliances within your home are covered, including:

How much does a Prominence Support Home Appliance insurance policy cost?

Probably less than you think. Our policies start at £1.92 per appliance per month. The cost of the policy will vary depending on how many appliances you are insuring but we pride ourselves on the value we offer all our customers.

Click on get a quote and find out how cheap it is to insure the appliances in your home.


Yes, but do I really need home appliance insurance?

If you’ve invested a lot of money in your appliances and want the peace of mind that, if they do break down, they will be fixed or replaced with no fuss, then one of our home appliance insurance policies could be exactly what you need. The cost of repairing fancy OLED TVs or top of the line washing machines can run into the hundreds of pounds and with a home appliance insurance policy costing just a few pounds a month, you could save a lot of money, and hassle, in the long run.

Will my home insurance cover my appliances?

Some appliances, like kitchen appliances, may be included in your home insurance but normally only in the event of fire, theft, storm damage, and water leaks. You may be able to add accidental damage as an optional extra but things like mechanical damage or emergency call outs won’t be covered. Home insurance generally offers poor cover for appliances.

What about if I have a manufacturer’s warranty?

All brand-new appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty that provides some form of cover for a pre-determined length of time. This will cover the appliance for things like mechanical breakdown due to faulty parts, poorly designed features that may cause a fault to develop, and known issues that develop in the early part of an appliance’s life.

While this may seem like it covers all the bases, things like accidental damage and emergency call outs won’t be covered, so you could still be left with a bill to pay in the event of a break down and, of course, once the warranty expires, the appliance will no longer have any form of cover.

It is also beneficial to remember that a manufacturer’s warranty will only cover a specific appliance whereas a Prominence Support Home Appliance Insurance policy will cover multiple appliances.

What about extended warranties, aren’t they just as good as appliance insurance?

An extended warranty is a way of extending the manufacturer’s warranty on the appliance.  Because of this, it only applies to the individual appliance and won’t cover any other devices in your home.

With a Prominence Support Home Appliance Insurance policy, you can cover multiple appliances for one low cost, convenient monthly payment.

Will my appliances be replaced with new items if required?

Absolutely. If we can’t repair your appliance, we will replace it with a like for like replacement.

The level of cover depends on the policy bought but all our policies include:

  • Cost of repairs, including parts and labour
  • Any call-out charges
  • Repairs due to mechanical breakdown caused by faulty parts or installation
  • Repairs caused by accidental damage

Exclusions include:

  • Cosmetic damage to an appliance that has no bearing on its functionality.
  • Damage caused deliberately.
  • Damage caused by misuse or abuse of the appliance.
  • Pre-existing damage from before the policy was taken out.

Yes, our policies cover all call-out charges so you never have to worry about hidden fees.

Older appliances are more likely to break down from general wear and tear. There is generally no cut off for the age of an appliance that can be covered but have a look through our detailed terms and conditions or give one of our friendly advisers a call if in doubt.

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