Hisense TV Insurance 

Modern life would not be complete without a TV, and your TV may even be integral to your home and lifestyle. If you have a Hisense TV, you have probably spent a good deal of time selecting the perfect TV for you and enjoying all the features. But you may not have considered what you will do if anything goes wrong. Sudden accidental damage or faults can come at inconvenient times and are not only disruptive to your life, but also costly and time-consuming.


That’s why Prominence Support has created the perfect insurance solution for your Hisense TV. When you take out TV insurance with Prominence Support we can guarantee you peace of mind that in the event of a fault or accidental damage you will be covered. With a single phone call, you can have a technical expert or engineer assisting you with your TV problems immediately and you can rest assured that your TV will be repaired or replaced in no time at no extra cost to you and without the stress of having to do it yourself.


What is covered by Hisense TV Insurance?


Our Hisense TV Insurance has been designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind. That means we make sure everything is covered – no excess fees, no call-out costs, no additional expense for parts, repairs, or labour. Our team is on hand to get your TV working as soon as possible and get your life back to normal.


With Prominence Support TV insurance you get:

  • Mechanical and electrical fault cover
  • Accidental damage cover
  • No limit to the number of claims you make
  • In-house technical assistance
  • A trusted network of engineers
  • No excess
  • Parts, repairs, and labour
  • Speedy repairs
  • A replacement TV with similar specifications or a contribution towards the cost of a new TV if we are unable to fix it
  • Personalised cover
  • Anytime cancellation
  • 21-day money-back guarantee


Why should I get Hisense TV Insurance?


Many people don’t get TV insurance as they see it as an unnecessary and extra expense, but the fact is that a good insurance policy gives you much greater peace of mind and financial security if anything goes wrong. Buying Hisense TV insurance guarantees you will not have to deal with finding the best deal or contacting engineers yourself. All the heavy lifting is done by Prominence Support so that you can rest easy knowing your TV will be fully repaired quickly and with no unexpected costs to you.


With Prominence Support, you also have access to additional discounts of up to 50% if you use our multi-appliance insurance and take advantage of our annual payment plans. In the long run, your insurance will pay for itself and you will be happier knowing your TV is protected.


How much does Hisense TV Insurance cost?

Hisense TV Insurance starts as low as £2.79/month and is tailored to your needs. We consider the purchase price of your TV and how many appliances you have insured with us to give you the best deal, and you can choose to pay annually, quarterly, or monthly. Get a quote now!