Home Care Cover

There’s no place like home, and there’s nothing more stressful and panic-inducing than a home emergency. Faulty electrics, water leaks, drain issues, and leaking roofs (among other emergencies) are never nice and can lead to discomfort and distress for you and your family. That’s why we here at Prominence Support offer a comprehensive and cost-effective complete home care cover to take the sting out of home emergencies and to be there for you when you need it the most.

With a Prominence Support Complete Home Care Home Emergency policy you’ll have complete peace of mind that you are protected in the event of a home emergency.

Worried about hidden costs? Don’t be. With our policies, all costs are covered and there are no hidden fees, call out charges, or surprise bills. Just good quality cover when you need it.


What exactly is Prominence Support Home Care Cover?

Prominence Support Home Care protection provides protection for your residence in the case of emergencies. If you’ve ever had a broken pipe, leaky roof, lost your door keys, or had a pest infestation,  you appreciate how uncomfortable, stressful, and expensive these events may be.

However, with Prominence Support Home Care protection you need not worry. Our Home Care protection policies make certain you don’t get to resolve these issues on your own.

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and expert client service team are available and are totally trained help resolve these issues fast. Our policy offers you value for money and certainty that if something fails in your home, you won’t have a sudden large bill to pay.


What other benefits come with a Prominence Support Home Care policy?

Prominence Support Home Care Cover also comes with a few additional benefits aimed at making your life easier, including:

  • Optional yearly boiler service.
  • Up to £250 for hotel expenses if your home is uninhabitable for a period of time due to an emergency.

How much does Home Care Cover Cost?

The short answer is less than you think. We pride ourselves on the quality and value we offer, and our policies are a great way to cost-effectively protect your home.

Give us a call today and see how you can protect your home without spending an arm and a leg.

What’s the difference between home insurance and Home Care Cover?

Most people think that home insurance is all they need to protect their home. But how many of you have looked at the small print for your policy? If you did you’d realise that most home insurance policies have large holes in their cover that you may find yourself falling through in the event of an emergency.

Home insurance tends to cover your home in the event of structural damage or loss of personal belongings due to theft or damage caused by fire and water. This may seem like quite a wide range of cover but what happens if your toilet begins to leak? Or a few of your roof tiles fall off? What if your drains become blocked or rats infest your loft? Would home insurance cover you then? The answer is probably no.

Our Prominence Home Care Cover fills in the gaps that home insurance policies tend to leave giving our customers total peace of mind.


Here’s an outline of the differences between home insurance and our Home Care Cover:

Home InsuranceProminence Home Care Cover
Insured against natural disasters and calamitiesCoverage against accidental and non-accidental damage to home electrics and plumbing
Insured against structural damage to the houseCoverage for damaged roof tiles
Insured against loss of personal belongings due to fire, theft, and water damageCompromised home security as a result of break-in and vandalism
Most policies offer liability insuranceBoiler and central heating cover, including yearly boiler service.
Required by most banks if you have a mortgageCoverage for rodent and pest infestations

Do I need Home Care Cover?

Yes, emergencies occur in homes across the country every day. Roofs leak.  We take the pain out of these stressful situations when they happen.

For a low price each month you could sleep easy with the assurance that if an emergency does happen it will be resolved quickly and with little fuss by one of our experts.

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