How To Replace A Blown Fuse

Imagine how excited I was when I got home with my brand-new TV. It cost a fortune and included all the latest technology like 4K and HDR support. I was desperate to see how my Sky Q box would look in Ultra HD but my joy was soon shattered when with a small click all the electrics in my living room were extinguished. I knew what the problem was immediately.

How To Replace A Blown Fuse

Most of the other rooms still had working electricity so it had to be a fuse that had tripped or blown. A quick trip to the fuse box told me everything I needed to know. The fuse hadn’t just tripped, it had blown. Now replacing a blown fuse is a relatively simple task but if you are unsure how to handle it, we would recommend getting a qualified electrician out to do it for you. If you are determined to do it for yourself, here is a quick guide on how to replace a blown fuse. Follow these steps for maximum safety:

Step 1: Unplug all electrical appliances in the room affected

Many people forget this step when replacing a blown fuse, but it is important to not only help identify which fuse is causing the problem but also keep the environment as safe as possible. If you are unsure of which fuse has blown, turning everything off and then slowly and systematically back on will give you an idea of the location of the problem and which fuse governs it. Once you’ve figured out which fuse is blown, switch everything back off again. This will prevent any potential safety incidents when the power is switched back on later.

Step 2: Turn the power off at the mains

This obviously needs to be done before you start fiddling around in your fuse box. The mains power switch is often near the fuse box and is normally operated with a flick of a switch. Once it is in the off position, all power to the property should be out. If anything is still on, you’ve flicked the wrong switch. Keeping the power on when attempting to replace a fuse is not a good idea and is incredibly dangerous.

Step 3: Locate the fuse box

This may seem like an overly obvious suggestion, but you’ll be surprised how difficult locating the fuse box can be sometimes. More often than not it will be near the mains switch but if it isn’t, you may need to head out on a fuse box hunt. Look in your garage or basement if you can’t find it in your kitchen. If it’s not there, look under staircases and in cupboards as a last resort.

Step 4: Identify which fuse is broken

If you live in a newish house or one that has had its electrics updated within the past couple of decades, your fuse box may have the fuses labelled and / or may use circuit breakers (or RCDs) that can just be switched back on. If you don’t have labelled fuses or circuit breakers, look through the clear glass windows on each fuse to see which ones have their wires broken. Often when a fuse breaks, they melt, and this can display as a foggy or discoloured stain on the glass.

Step 5: Replace the broken fuse

Make sure you have the right amperage replacement fuse at hand (if you are unsure take the blown fuse to your hardware shop with you). You will find that the fuse can be unscrewed and pulled out. It is then just a case of putting the new one into place and replacing the screw before flicking the power back on and testing that everything is back up and running.

There is another way

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