How Popular is Kindle For E-Readers?

Do you like reading books and want to buy a Kindle? An electronic book without holding paper pages in the hand is difficult for bookworms to imagine at first. However, an e-book reader like Kindle has numerous advantages that make it easier to read. There are only a few disadvantages to the many advantages.

E kindle

A conventional book for browsing

The advantages of an ordinary book are known to everyone. You have a book in your hand in which you can browse as you please without using technology. This is an important aspect for book lovers. Coloured pictures, tables and figures are shown in optimal size and are easy to recognize. While paperbacks are slightly lighter, the font is often quite small. On the go or during the vacation period, the decision is often against traditional books because they are simply too difficult. A Kindle reader from Amazon is a good alternative here. The Kindle has many advantages Once you get used to an e-book reader, you definitely don’t want to give it away.

Lightweight as an advantage

A key advantage of the Kindle is its lightweight. This not only pays off on the go, on vacation but also for back problems. In addition, depending on the storage space, several thousand books can be stored in the electronic lightweight. The practical format is also remarkable. The e-book reader can be comfortably held with one hand while reading. This is an advantage in buses and trains, for example. It is also very compact and can easily be stored in almost any pocket. With a Kindle, you can read like an ordinary book. The writing on the display is extremely sharp. You can set the font size variably. It is also possible to page back and forth in the e-book. It is operated with sophisticated touchscreen technology.

Disadvantages of Kindle

There are also some disadvantages worth mentioning. The Kindle has a so-called closed system. It does not support the EPUB open format. This means that you can only read books on Kindle that you buy from Amazon. This is also a serious disadvantage if you want to borrow electronic books from the city’s online library.

The limited reading material on one page is disadvantageous compared to a conventional book. If you are a quick reader, you have to turn the page relatively often. It always happens that a book falls down. At worst, a conventional book has a few dog ears on the sides. An e-book is much more sensitive to such inattentiveness. The Kindle is a great addition to conventional books. It has an amazing amount of storage space and is easy to use. The Kindle is a recommended reader for Amazon e-books. If you want to read electronic books from other providers, you need an e-book reader that supports the EPUB format.