How To Improve Your TV Sound Quality

Is the sound of your TV too thin? This can have many causes. The right settings often help. This article shows you how to get the best sound out of your TV.

Enter the TV line-up

 Modern TVs offer more sound setting options in the menu than just bass and treble controls. For example, depending on the model, the sound can be adjusted according to the layout. This setting can then be used for purposes other than tone controls: If the TV sounds too thin, set a large distance from the wall or choose a setting such as “stand”.

The television then lifts the bass. On the other hand, when the bass is droning, choose a setting for small wall clearance or wall mounting. That reduces the bass.

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Prevent volume jumps

Volume jumps in the TV program between film and advertising are annoying. Many televisions can automatically reduce these volume jumps. To do this, you have to switch on the automatic volume control, which is often hidden deep in the sound menu.

Switch off the sound enhancer

Menu settings such as “Clear Voice” or “Super Bass” should improve the sound, but often make it worse – droning bass and sharp S sounds are the result. Deactivate such circuits in the sound menu and adjust the sound yourself with the bass and treble controls.

Optimize voice playback

Most televisions offer a basic setting (mode) for the sound such as “Language” and “Music”. Do not worry about the name, but try which setting sounds the most natural. It works very well during a news program. Keep the best mode and then carefully tune the sound to your taste with conventional tone controls.

TV sound through the stereo

You do not have to break the bank to get a TV with good stereo system, a standalone good stereo system helps the TV to get better sound. To do this, you need to connect the television and hi-fi system with a sound cable. For LG, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba devices, the best way to do this is to use the TV’s headphone jack (cable: 3.5 mm jack to RCA). The volume can also be conveniently adjusted using the TV remote control.

On Panasonic and Philips models, the headphone output can also be used for the sound, but the volume buttons on the remote control do not control this connection. If you like it louder or quieter, you need the remote control of the hi-fi system.

 TV sound through a surround system

 Use the digital audio output of the TV to connect to a surround system. For this, TV sets have a coaxial or an optical digital output. The volume setting is made using the remote control of the surround system. It is best to switch off the sound on the television using the “Mute” button or in the menu.