How To Unblock An Outside Drain


Seeing that an outside drain is blocked can be stressful and lead to worry about how much it is going to cost to remedy the problem. But you need not panic. While we would always recommend getting an expert in to fix the problem, there are some things you can do to alleviate the issue for yourself. Let’s have a look at some:

How To Unblock An Outside Drain

Unblock the drain by hand

Okay, this may sound disgusting but few tools at your disposal will clear a blocked drain quicker and more efficiently than your hands. Many blockages are easily shifted with a little rummaging around. Before you even contemplate sticking your nice clean hands into any drain, make sure you have a pair of full-length latex gloves and industrial-strength bin bags to deposit the crap you dislodge out of the drain into. You may also want to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask to avoid inhaling the awful smells that come hand in hand with drain unblocking.

Improvise your own tools

If you are struggling to reach far enough into a drain to dislodge whatever is blocking it, you could make some of your own improvised tools to extend your reach. Simple things like long-handled spoons or brush staves can be used to get further into the drain. If the drain is smaller or you need to get around a bend, use an unravelled wire coat hanger to prod the blockage loose.

Use soda crystals or other drain chemicals (but be careful)

If the drain is draining a little, chemicals can be used to help remove the blockage. Soda crystals or caustic coda are great at dissolving gunge build-ups, especially if they have high levels of fat, grease, or oil. Just be very careful with any chemicals you put down your drain and make sure you read the instructions fully and comply with any regulations before using them.

Use a pressure hose

A pressure hose is a great way to force obstructions through drains. They may need a little help to get going and you might have to clear as much of the blockage as you can before you get started but once this is done, jam the pressure hose into the drain and turn it up to full force.

Use drain rods

Drain rods are an excellent way to unblock drains if you have them at hand. Most professional drain companies use drain rods to get deep into problematic drains. If you have them you need to make sure you attach the right-sized plunger to the end and then you can go to town on the blockage.

What about Home Emergency Cover?

If you have Home Emergency Insurance cover, then you may have drain cover. Here at Prominence Support, we know how inconvenient a blocked drain can be that’s why we always endeavour to get an expert out to you within 24 hours.