Which TV is best for you – HD or 3D?

Not long ago, 3D was a must for TVs – even if many viewers never actually fed their device with 3D content, they wanted to be on the safe side when buying a new TV: if it really starts with 3D, if there is a lot of content, if the TV channels broadcast in 3D, they wanted the right hardware at hand. So the TV manufacturers packed a 3D function in every device and the shops massively advertised their goods with 3D. Continue reading “Which TV is best for you – HD or 3D?”

Tablets and Laptops

Are Tablets More Popular Than Laptops?


Only nine years have passed since Apple launched a new device category with the first iPad. Since then, not only have countless tablets been sold, but new mobile computers with a wide variety of form factors have come onto the market. In addition to classic laptops, there are now mobile computers such as convertibles, detachables (2-in-1 devices) and tablets on the shelf. Continue reading “Are Tablets More Popular Than Laptops?”

Smart Fridge

Will Smart Fridge Become a Thing?

What should a modern refrigerator do? Language assistants and app-controlled household helpers are part of everyday life in many areas of life. Now the smart home is also conquering the kitchen. Whether connected dishwashers, intelligent fully automatic coffeemakers or thinking ovens – more and more kitchen appliances can be made smarter by connecting to the network. Continue reading “Will Smart Fridge Become a Thing?”