Building Site Health and Safety

A report from BBC News outlined The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) research about the safety of buildings. From this documentation, they noted that construction deaths are responsible for 32 per cent of occupational death.  For property owners, such a report raises a red flag about the safety of their properties. Mostly, accidents cannot be anticipated but property owners should have a proactive approach and prevention mechanisms. Even if these preventative mechanisms are in place, sometimes the damage could be costly and the landlord or property owner may not be in a position to offset the costs.  This explains why the home emergency insurance cover is needed. Continue reading “Building Site Health and Safety”

Hey! Do you want to save on your Domestic Appliance Insurance?

Here are 5 TIPS to apply now!

Whether you have appliance insurance or you do not, Domestic appliances have become a habitual consumer need and our lives are being entwined on a daily basis with these appliances.

Like every gadget that continues to capture human interest, and turn consumers into raving fans, the idea of losing these appliances and gadgets through perhaps accidental damage, mechanical and electrical failure or even by theft or any other means, leads to a huge demand to insure these devices and shift that risk to someone else.

The Domestic appliance insurance market is huge in the UK with loads of Insurance companies promising to outdo one another, and like every market/sector with competition, it leaves a saving opportunity for a savvy seeker.

Below are TOP 5 saving opportunities

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Domestic appliance insurance, 4 key points

Domestic Appliance Insurance; 4 Key Points

4 Important Points for Domestic Appliance Insurance – These Ensure You are Getting the Best Deal from Your Insurer

Should I Get a Domestic Appliance Insurance? These are key points to look for while doing your research on appliance insurance companies and what they offer.

From a consumer’s perspective, taking domestic appliance insurance could be useful as more appliance insurance companies shift from covering single appliances to offering multi appliance package at discounted rates. The shift from a single appliance to the multi-appliance package by Insurance companies gives the end-users the advantage of insuring more appliances for nearly the cost of a single appliance.

For people looking to purchase new appliances or searching for reputable insurance companies to take domestic appliance insurance, it’s always wise to ensure any company you decide to go with offers multi-appliance package and have a network of engineers with a nationwide reach.

If you’ve done your research and have decided on the company to go with, there are important things

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Benefits of Kitchen Appliances Insurance Cover

Your kitchen is filled with appliances you cannot live without. What would you do if your precious oven, electric or gas hob, fridge-freezer, American fridge-freezer, dishwasher, washing machine or even your tumble dryer suddenly broke down? Prominence Support’s comprehensive kitchen appliance insurance cover protects you from expensive repair and replacement costs. Continue reading “Benefits of Kitchen Appliances Insurance Cover”

washing machine repair insurance

Washing Machines Repair Insurance

You might have a lot of electrical appliances in your household; however, given the cost of covering all your appliances with insurance, you might definitely want to be selective on which appliance to cover. For sure, one of them could be your washing machine, as this is an irreplaceable appliance. Insurance would help you decide to have your washing machine covered. With that, you could be at peace by not thinking about what you are going to do in the event your washing machine calls it a day.

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General Insurance Cover for Your Domestic Washing Machine

General Insurance Cover for Your Domestic Washing Machine

Failure of the many home appliances, when least expected, can cause a big uproar around the house, as a well-oiled schedule can come crashing down, especially if the appliance is something vital like a washing machine, hob unit cum oven, dishwasher, dryer, fridge and/or freezer.

Homeowners can opt for insurance policies covering home appliances,

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Landlord Insurance with Home Emergency Cover to Protect the Owner’s Property

Landlord Insurance with Home Emergency Cover to Protect the Owner’s Property

Renting out properties comes with many benefits to the landlord, especially if it is in a good location, in a major city or town, is well-appointed, in good condition, and is available at a good rental. For this rent, the tenant expects good service and ensuring that the appliances provided are in good working order. Besides this, the landlord is also responsible for providing uninterrupted power and water along with drainage, working appliances, fittings and furnishings in the property. This can be quite overwhelming if something goes wrong, and finding someone to handle the repairs is not successful. 3 important issues are pertinent;

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Ensuring Home Repairs is win-win for Both Landlord and Tenant

Ensuring Home Repairs is win-win for Both Landlord and Tenant

With low-interest rates, keeping your hard-earned money in Certificate of Deposits is an exercise that is going to keep you awake nights. Brexit has created uncertainty and the present interest rate structure is close to becoming negative. The real estate market is already posting lower prices and this is perhaps the best time to invest in rent bearing properties. The joy of being a landlord is however tinged with responsibility. You do not know what kind of tenant will stay on the premises that you want to rent. The repairs and taxes of the property will have to be borne in a timely manner as otherwise, you will be liable for contravening local laws.
To get over this dilemma particularly if you are new to the idea of a landlord the best option is

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Gas Cooker Insurance Cover Protection

Gas Cooker Insurance Cover Protection

When you buy a cooker from kenwood, hotpoint, beko or any other brand for a home and it is a new purchase the item is covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Generally, most warranties are for a period of 12 months. Some manufacturers do offer longer warranties and it could be for specific parts. However, most offer an extended warranty after 12 months that can be extended for another 12 months or 24 months.

New technology is incorporated into the latest model of appliances

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