Being a landlord never comes without its issues and that’s why you want to minimise the hassle should things go wrong in one of your rented properties. The boiler is one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in any property you are renting out, and when it breaks down, your tenants quite rightly have the right to expect it will be sorted for them in quick time.

Without a properly functioning boiler your tenants will have no heat or hot water, so time is of the essence. However, it’s quite likely you could be struggling to find the time to sort out an issue like this, especially if you have multiple properties, and this is where landlord boiler cover comes in.

Prominence Support provides comprehensive boiler cover for landlords, safeguarding you against the costs of a breakdown of the boiler. With our landlord boiler cover we’ll even deal directly with your tenants, if that is easier for you, minimising your involvement in any boiler or central heating issues.


What is landlord boiler insurance?

Landlord boiler cover is an insurance for the boiler and central heating system in a specific property that you rent out. It provides you with protection against the cost of repair or even a replacement should your boiler or central heating system develop a problem.

While a relatively new boiler may still be under an initial manufacturer’s warranty, it is almost inevitable that your boiler breaks down outside of the warranty period, meaning you could be left with a large repair bill or worse. Landlord boiler insurance ensures that you will have cover, meaning that in the event of your boiler developing issues, your tenants won’t have to go without central heating or hot water for an extended period of time. 

With a landlord boiler insurance policy, we’ll get out and repair the boiler without cost you. And the best thing is you won’t even need to get involved as we’re more than happy to deal directly with your tenants.

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Landlord boiler cover

What does landlord boiler insurance cover?

Landlord boiler insurance provided by Prominence Support effectively protects you against breakdown should the boiler in your rented property cease working. By having landlord boiler insurance means that we’ll handle any repair for you, with all costs including the engineer, labour charges, repairs, parts all covered. 

Having boiler cover with Prominence, minimises the impact of any boiler issues in your rented property, as once we’ve been informed of any issue, we can arrange any engineer visits directly with your tenants. This means that you do not have to get involved in the process nor have to make time to attend for the engineer’s visit.

Included in landlord boiler cover is the following:

  • Boiler/Controls/Central heating system/hot water unit/warm air units
  • We’ll deal with your tenant directly if that is easier for you.
  • 24-hour claims helpline.
  • £500 per claim.

What will landlord boiler insurance cost?

Costs of landlord boiler insurance will vary, depending on the package that you choose.  Prominence Support offer a range of different cover options ranging from boiler and heating packages to more comprehensive cover that includes other aspects in rented properties such as plumbing, drains, dislodged roof tile, internal electrical wiring, pest infestations, breaks-ins and vandalism to name but a few. This is the best way of ensuring you get maximum protection for your rented property and make the most of the savings available. 

Here are some cost examples for cover, all of which including landlord boiler and central heating.

CoverCost/from (month)
Boiler & Heating Cover£4.99
Home Emergency£3.00
Complete Home Cover£7.99


Why buy landlord boiler insurance cover?

A working boiler and central heating is essential to any rented property and as landlord you have a responsibility to your tenants to ensure it is in good working order. By having boiler insurance ensure that your tenants do not have to suffer the inconvenience and disruption that would usually result from a broken down boiler.

Having boiler cover will mean that the issue is resolved quickly for your tenants, all handled by us directly with your tenants. This minimises your involvement and ensures that your tenants are happy and your reputation as a landlord is enhanced, so it’s an all-round win for all concerned.


Is landlord boiler insurance worth it?

If you are considering landlord boiler insurance, then it worth thinking about the potential costs should you not have it and the boiler in your rented property develops a problem. There is not only the costs of repair or replacement to consider but also the cost of your time to sort out any issue.

Boilers repairs can be costly, and if it can’t be repaired, you would have to stump up the cash for a new boiler installation. You would also have to spend time arranging any repair or replacement, which would eat up your valuable time. 

Having landlord boiler insurance means that everything will be handled for you and you’ll have the financial certainty of knowing that you won’t have to find the money for repairs or completely fund a new boiler yourself.


Why should I choose landlord boiler insurance cover with Prominence Support?

At Prominence Support, we understand that your time is important to you and so are your tenants. It is important for you and your tenants to know that there is support to hand should the boiler and central heating develop any issues.

We make sure that the boiler is not out of action for any length of time and aim to get someone out to your tenants within 24 hours to resolve any issue. Our UK based helplines ensure you always have access to support at all times.

While you may only wish to take out landlord boiler cover, we offer comprehensive policies to  allow you to insure your property against a range of other things going wrong while you have tenants living there. We offer flexible payment options on a monthly,  or annual basis, and our contracts are on a 30 day rolling contract,  providing you with great flexibility.


How do I get a quote for landlord boiler insurance?

Getting a quote for landlord boiler cover is easy. Go to our Landlord Boiler Quote page and select the level of cover that you want, whether that is for boiler insurance or more comprehensive insurance to cover many other aspects in your rental property. Alternatively, contact our customer services team if you prefer to arrange your landlord boiler insurance policy by phone.

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