Looking After Your Coffee Machine

Learn more about some of the basic hygiene rules that you should definitely follow when using your coffee machine. This is the only way to enjoy coffee in the long term.

looking after your coffee

Coffee machine hygiene

Proper care of your home appliances through appliance insurance is important, like the care of your coffee machine guarantees an optimal coffee result and has been proven to prolong the proper functioning of your coffee machine. A lot of salts and minerals (such as lime) lurk in the tank, hoses, pumps and nozzles of a machine. These get into the brewed coffee if care is not taken. For this reason, capsule machines and coffee machines must be thoroughly descaled and cleaned on a regular basis. This significantly extends the life of the device.

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Machine care

 Depending on the coffee machine, the display automatically lights up for descaling, water filter change, device cleaning or cleaning of collection containers. If one of these displays appears, you should follow the instructions in the manual for cleaning or replacing items. All removable parts should be cleaned regularly by hand or in the dishwasher.

Regular descaling of the machine

 Since tap water can be very calcareous depending on the residential area, it is important to remove lime deposits regularly in the coffee machine. When descaling, you should resort to the appropriate professional descaling agents specified in the user manual and not attempt home remedies such as vinegar or others. The descaling process should always be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Normally, the descaler is emptied into the water tank together with water and the display of the machine or the user manual then leads through the descaling process. Fully automatic coffee machines with a water filter in the water tank need to be decalcified less frequently. Only the water filter must be replaced regularly.

Accessory care for optimal coffee enjoyment

The water tank is one of the most critical accessories of the machines. Clean the water tank regularly and fill it daily with fresh water. For best practice, rinse the milk frother immediately after each use. It is important that no milk residues are left behind and dry up; otherwise, germs and bacteria will thrive. The collection container picks up the coffee grounds after preparation. This should be cleaned and dried well every day. The drip tray under the coffee spout also requires frequent cleaning, if possible in the dishwasher. Wild yeasts and fungi love the humid, warm climate in these places of the coffee maker. If you follow these care tips, you will achieve an optimal result of your coffee specialities in the long term, and your coffee machine will return the favour with a long lifespan.

Clean water potion

Don’t be fooled by the supposedly clean impression and take a look inside the water tank. If you feel a greasy film, this could be covered in bacteria. Therefore, always wash the water tank once a week under tap water and above all, clean the inner walls from the film with a clean brush.