Maintenance Tips for Your Oven

Baking, cooking, roasting – an oven can be used in many ways. Unfortunately, the subsequent pollution is just as diverse. Often you have to scrub very laboriously to clean the oven.

Oven Prominence

The problem is that cooker insurance will not clean your oven and in many cases, the dirt persists despite intensive cleaning and cannot be taken away. However, there are tips that greatly simplify cleaning and ensure that the oven stays clean for a long time even after constant cooking. Here, we have put together some helpful home remedies for cleaning.


Oven sprayOven spray is particularly suitable for getting rid of stubborn dirt. The cleaners are commercially available. The oven simply has to be sprayed correctly all around, before being heated to 50°C for a short time. Let the spray work for about an hour, then the oven can be easily wiped out with kitchen paper. This is very simple, effective, and the oven stays nicely clean for a long time. Shaving foam can also be used in the same way instead of oven cleaner. This is more cost-effective and works the same way. However, the oven should not be opened during the active time due to the toxic vapours in both methods.

Baking powder or salt

An environmentally friendly method for cleaning the oven is cleaning with baking powder. This method is highly effective. Mix three tablespoons of the baking powder with mineral water and spread with a baking brush in the oven. Then let it work for 30 minutes. After, you can wipe out the oven again with a damp cloth. The long-term, stubborn residues also wipe clean. Cleaning with salt has also proved its worth. Similar to the baking powder, the salt is distributed on the heavily encrusted areas. Now you have to heat the oven again for 30 to 60 minutes to about 50°C. After, the oven should only be wiped out wet and if done correctly, even the most difficult residues of the encrustation go off.

Chemical agents

A whole range of chemical agents, such as special oven cleaners or abrasive milk, are also suitable for cleaning the oven. The disadvantage, however, is that these methods pollute the environment and are usually very aggressive. When working with chemical cleaning agents, you should wear gloves. You should also make sure that no scratches are left in the oven.

Washing soda

Washing soda is also a very good home remedy for cleaning the oven. This is mainly due to the ingredient “sodium carbonate”, which is contained in the soda. If you mix it with warm or hot water, the sodium carbonate reacts and a strong alkaline solution is created. This allows you to dissolve firmly burned-in grease, which makes it perfect for cleaning the oven. However, it should be noted that the level of the concentration of sodium determines the quality of the washing sodas. For this reason, the brand of sodas does not matter, but only the dosage and concentration of sodium content are important for the effect and the result of the purification. It is recommended to use a spray bottle for cleaning. Mixing 2 to 3 tsp of washing soda with hot water creates the required alkaline solution. Put this into a spray bottle, and then spray the dirty areas inside the oven and let them rest and act for 1-2 hours. Afterwards, everything must be rinsed with clear water and the removed dirt residues must be wiped away with a wet rag.