Maximising The Lifespan of Your Washing Machine

You’ve probably not been curious about it before, but have you ever wondered where all the dirt from your clothes goes when you use a washing machine?

Cleaning your washing machine regularly also ensures it works efficiently and effectively, preventing build-up of limescale, mould and detergent. The cleaner your washing machine, the cleaner and fresher your clothes are too.

We realise that the cleanliness of your washing machine is not the only reason for an emergency breakdown. Whilst home appliance insurance, including washing machine cover, ensures you are completely covered, we recommend that you clean your washing machine approximately once every couple of months to save any future bother.

washing machine insurance

If you notice that the fragrances emanating from your washing machine that is – let’s just say – unpleasant, it probably requires immediate clean. If your washing machine is prone to an accumulation, it is recommended that you clean your washing machine regularly to keep it closer to its peak performance.

Your washing machine manufacturer will provide the recommended instructions on how to maintain your washing machine, just in case there are any specific requirements. Have a look at accompanying materials with your purchase – or if you’ve lost the brochure, search the make and model online.

In the meantime, here are our top tips for how to clean your washing machine:

Instruction (all-together)Effect
Open the detergent drawer and place 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda.The bicarbonate breaks down any grease or dirt particles.  
Add 120ml of white vinegar into the drum.Vinegar breaks down grease and dirt too.
Run a hot wash on your washing machine. Remember to check back on your washing machine every so often due to creation of suds  This will clean the drum thoroughly, removing any accumulation of grease and dirt that have built up in the components and the pipes.
Remember to clean your filter, as clogged up filters are often responsible for washing machine breakdowns! Consult your manufacturer’s brochure or look-up online how to do this with your make and model. It is fairly easy.Do this after your spin cycle has finished and the water has all drained from the drum. It is vital that you clean this filter, as it will collect everything from lint to hair, coins, tissues and more.
Don’t forget to clean your removable soap and fabric softener dispenser.Dispensers are areas which are fantastic for mould growth! Wash your dispenser in the top of your dishwasher or in hot water with plenty of soap, letting it air dry in the sun.

Although cleaning a washing machine once in a while is a sure-fire means of ensuring it can be the best condition it can be – there is always a risk of potential breakdowns due to other causes. In case you were to experience a troublesome washing machine breakdown, home appliance insurance will provide robust protection. At Prominence, we offer very affordable, reliable washing machine cover with reliable customer service based in the UK

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