Microwave Insurance

While we spend more time at home in these unusual times, our home appliances become more and more important to our general day to day life and you may have found something like your microwave beginning to play a larger role in your households running. But what if your microwave breaks down? Could you cope without it for a lengthy period of time or would replacing it be a stretch too far for your budget?

One way to protect yourself should the worst happen is to buy one of our comprehensive and cost-effective microwave insurance policies. We here at Prominence Support understand how stressful an appliance breakdown can be, that’s why our insurance policies are there for you when you need them the most.


What exactly is microwave insurance and why is it important for your home?

If your microwave breaks down it can be an incredibly trying time. Being unable to keep your children fed can become irritating quickly and seriously disrupt your household. Unfortunately, most problems with microwaves begin after the manufacturer’s guarantee period has ended, leaving you with a large bill for repairs, labour, or even a replacement machine.

But what if you could keep your microwave covered for one low-cost monthly fee that would ensure any break down is fixed quickly with little fuss?

Here at Prominence Support, we understand how stressful a faulty appliance can be and we have a qualified network of engineers across the UK who will, in most cases, be out to you within 24 hours to fix any issues. All our engineers are fully trained and can quickly diagnose problems before providing an effective repair or, if necessary, a replacement product.

Why choose Prominence Support for your microwave insurance?

When you choose Prominence Support for your microwave insurance cover, you are getting the best quality customer support in the UK. Our support team are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you advice and get your issue resolved quickly.

Once a problem has been reported, we will send one of our qualified and trained engineers to you usually within 24 hours to fix your microwave or arrange for a replacement.

As an insurance company, all our policies are FCA regulated so you can rest assured that you will be treated fairly, and our policies are of a high standard.

We pride ourselves on the value we offer and never lumber our customers with hidden fees for parts and labour.

Here are a few of the main reasons to choose Prominence Support for your microwave cover:

  • Quick response times
  • UK based customer service centre available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No call out fees ever
  • A wide network of trained and experienced engineers
  • Full coverage across the UK
  • No hidden fees for parts or labour
  • All major microwave manufacturers covered
  • FCA regulated


What if my microwave cannot be repaired?

If your microwave cannot be repaired, we will provide you with either a like-for-like replacement or a reimbursement to the market value.

What does a Prominence Support Microwave Insurance policy cover you for?

With Prominence Support you are covered for the following situations:

  • All microwaves regardless of make, model, and type are covered.
  • Repairs due to mechanical breakdowns
  • Repairs due to electrical breakdowns.
  • Repairs due to faulty parts.


What does a Prominence Support Microwave Insurance policy not cover you for?

We try to be as clear and transparent as we can in our terms and conditions, but as with all insurance policies there are some exclusions. Here are a few areas our policy does not cover:

  • Cosmetic damage to the microwave, including damage to dials, buttons, outer-casings, and any paintwork.
  • Microwaves used for business purposes.
  • Damage or breakdowns caused by pest infestation.
  • Deliberate damage
  • Faults present prior to the policy start date.

Here is a table of what is and isn’t covered in one of our policies for quick reference:

Included in our Microwave InsuranceNot included in our Microwave Insurance
All makes and models of microwave, including free standing and integrated microwavesCosmetic damage to the microwave.
Mechanical break downs to the appliance.Microwaves used for business purposes.
Electrical break down to the appliance.Pest infestations.
Faulty parts within the microwave.Deliberate damage
Costs of parts, repairs and call outsFaults present before the start of the policy date.


Do you cover free-standing and integrated microwaves?

Yes, our policies will cover both free-standing and integrated microwaves. We understand how tricky it can be to repair or replace an integrated microwave so our insurance ensures that if a problem does arise, you can trust us to sort it out.

Isn’t my microwave already covered if I have household insurance?

It’s unlikely. Home insurance is there to cover you for structural damage to the property or loss of household possessions due to fire, theft, or water damage. Microwave breakdowns are rarely covered. Check your terms and conditions.

It’s unlikely. Home insurance is there to cover you for structural damage to the property or loss of household possessions due to fire, theft, or water damage. Microwave breakdowns are rarely covered. Check your terms and conditions.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls for Home emergency insurance. Our team are handy between 10 am to 7 pm for your appliance insurance.

Yes, we employ a wide network of professional and qualified engineers so that we can get to our customers quickly.

We endeavour to get engineers out within 24 hours, although certain situations can lead to longer wait times. Check with one of our advisers when reporting a problem.

As part of our commitment to treating customers fairly, we never pass on hidden fees for things like call outs, parts, or labour to our customers.

As an insurance company who sells financial services, we are regulated by the FCA and the financial ombudsmen services.

The short answer is, probably less than you think. Our policies start at £1.92 per month. We pride ourselves on the value we offer without sacrificing cover, and our policies are a great way to protect your microwave for one low monthly fee.

Give us a call today and see how you can protect your microwave without spending an arm and a leg.

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