Must Have Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

Who doesn’t know this: The kitchen is clearly too small for all the appliances that are in it. The question then arises; are all the utensils really absolutely necessary?

kitchen gadgets

Over the years, we buy may kitchen appliances which seemed very useful at the time of purchase but were never used. So, what does the perfect basic equipment for the kitchen look like? Which kitchen and electrical appliances are worth keeping, and what is not?

Electrical appliances: The basic equipment

Especially in the electronics sector, there is a wide range of achievements that promise more efficient work and a greater time-saving. Before deciding to buy, however, you should educate yourself in advance of the following electrical appliances and then decide which requirements they have to meet. Retailers offer a large range of advice that allows potential buyers to find the right device for their own needs. Kitchen tests can also help with the decision.

Kitchen appliances: the basic equipment


A reasonable knife set belongs in every kitchen. Basically, a large and a small kitchen knife are completely sufficient to be able to prepare all food. However, additional products for meat or bread are recommended. These models have a different blade that is adapted to the respective food. In addition, a knife sharpener is recommended, because nothing is more annoying than a blunt knife with which you cannot work properly. Higher quality models have a protective cover that is pulled over the blade. This keeps it sharp longer and does not wear out too quickly. It also reduces the risk of injury. Products made of stainless steel or ceramic are best.

Cutting board

A washable underlay makes cutting food a more hygienic affair and also protects the worktop. The cutting boards are made of different materials: Wood, plastic, or glass. Many people prefer wooden boards because of the better feel and because it protects the blade of the knife. Plastic boards, like glass boards, are more hygienic because they are washable. Glass, however, is worse for the knife blade because the hard plate wears it out faster.

Pots and pans

If you want to cook, you need a selection of pots and pans of different sizes. When buying a pan, it is important to pay attention to the coating. This prevents food from burning. Ideally, you buy a model with a glass lid and a refractory handle. Then it is no problem to push the pan into the oven if required. We recommend at least two pans: a small one for fried eggs, etc. and a large model for vegetables or schnitzels. If you like to cook Asian food, you should also think about a wok. The same applies to pots: two pots should be in the cupboard at least. A small pot for sauces or milk, a large pot for rice or soups. You should also make sure that the handles are made of metal and the lid are made of glass.

Various small parts;

This category includes utensils such as:

Wooden spoon

Pan turner

Vegetable peelers


Noodle sieve

Measuring cups

Kitchen scales

Can & Bottle Opener


Cheese grater