OLED TV Insurance

New OLED TV technology is taking over the TV market and if you have an OLED TV you have probably spent a number of hours carefully choosing the perfect TV for your home and lifestyle. OLED technology boasts an advanced viewer experience and you can quickly find yourself lost in entertainment. But what happens if your TV stops working suddenly or has unexpected damage? 


A lot of people take a working TV for granted and it’s only when the TV stops working that they realise they should have protected it.  A broken TV can be an inconvenience, but it can also put a strain on your bank balance and your time if you are left to revolve everything on your own. Prominence Support OLED TV Insurance is there to give you full protection for your TV so that if anything happens you are only one call away from a speedy repair that won’t cost you anything extra.


What is covered by OLED TV Insurance?


Prominence Support have designed our TV insurance to cover almost any eventuality – internal fault, breakages, and accidental damage are all covered on our TV Insurance plan. Because of the specific technologies used in OLED TVs it is especially important that your TV is insured for faults. With a technical team and network of engineers available, we are able to help you get your TV working again in no time, and if we can’t repair your TV we will replace it with one with similar specifications or contribute toward the cost of a new one!

OLED TV Insurance

All of our TV cover comes with:

  • Electrical and mechanical fault cover
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Parts, repairs, and labour 
  • No excess
  • Unlimited claims
  • In-house technical team
  • Speedy repairs
  • Trusted national network of engineers
  • Personalised cover
  • Similar specification replacement TV if we are unable to repair it
  • Cancel anytime
  • 21-day money-back guarantee


Why should I get OLED TV Insurance?


Your OLED TV is probably a main feature in your house and part of your everyday life. Without insurance, if your TV breaks it can mean great expense and inconvenience to you. The small price of OLED TV insurance gives you total peace of mind that your TV is protected. And with the discounts of up to 50% that you can get on multi-appliance insurance, you will find that your insurance pays for itself.


Even though most TVs come with a warranty, you will probably notice that it doesn’t last long and has limited cover. When you have TV insurance from Prominence Support you are ensuring long-lasting and comprehensive cover that allows you to enjoy your TV without worrying about anything going wrong.


How much does OLED TV Insurance cost?


At Prominence Insurance, we recognise that all of our customers have different needs, that’s why we look at different factors when giving you a quote. We will take into consideration the purchase price of your TV, how many appliances you have insured with us, and what payment plan works best for you. Whatever you choose, our pricing for OLED TV Insurance starts as low as £2.79/month! Get a quote now!