Dishwasher Functions

Main programs; They are one of the key selling points for dishwashers: the programs. An incredible variety of programs has developed in recent years; Manufacturer-specific names and marketing names dominate the field. Here you get an overview of the different possibilities. Which programs should make everyday kitchen life easier for you in the future?

Normal program

The normal program is no longer that common in modern dishwashers. If it is present, it rinses the dishes at a sufficient 60-65° C and, as the name suggests, removes normal dirt, but often also slightly dried-on food residues. The terms normal program and the standard program should not be confused! Because as a standard, each manufacturer defines the setting that best scores in terms of consumption for the respective dishwasher.

Dishwasher program functions

Eco programs

An environmental program, eco-program, energy-saving program or savings program uses a longer exposure time so that the seemingly long duration of up to 3 hours mainly consists of exposure. This saves energy and water when the dishes are actually cleaned, protecting the environment and your wallet. Environmental programs should be prefered to other programs whenever possible. If you value economy, make sure that your new dishwasher has an Eco program!



Automatic programs

Automatic programs (names: load sensor, aqua sensor, auto program, auto sensor, eco sensor, green intelligence and many more) use smart and progressive processes when washing. The sensors, which examine the load weight of the device and the cloudiness of the rinsing water (and thus the degree of soiling of the items to be washed) and report them to an integrated microchip and precisely adjust the program selection, runtime, temperature and amount of water. An automatic program rinses faster than an economy program but is behind in terms of power consumption. Above all, you should keep an eye on the price-performance ratio when buying the dishwasher: because really good automatic programs are usually more expensive.

Quick programs

Quick programs or short programs are sometimes referred to as TurboSpeed. They are tailored to situations in which you need the dirty dishes as quickly as possible and run through in just 20 minutes for some manufacturers. However, tests have shown that fast dishwashing does not necessarily mean economical: if you use the quick programs too often, you will ultimately pay extra; Quite apart from the fact that most of the high-speed machines get the dishes out of the machine too wet. Several manufacturers also offer a kind of individual or flexible “quick program” – VarioSpeed or VariospeedPlus. To do this, a program is first selected and its rinsing time is then reduced by up to 50% by pressing the corresponding button. The cleaning and drying results should be consistently good, but water and energy consumption increases.

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