Plasma TV Insurance

The Plasma TV was once a staple in every home with its outstanding colours and slim design. Although there are other competitors on the market now, plasma TVs are still sought after for their reliability and quality. Your plasma TV is possibly integral to your home and you have probably started to take it for granted that your TV works. Many people forget that faults and damage can happen at any time and don’t insure their TVs, but an uninsured TV can result in inconvenience, a time-consuming repair process, and a heavy blow to your bank balance.


At Prominence Support, we know that repairing or replacing a TV can be hard work, that’s why we have created our plasma TV insurance with you in mind. Our cover includes accidents as well as TV faults and we are connected with engineers throughout the country who will be able to assist you with getting things back to normal in no time. 


What is covered by Plasma TV Insurance?


Our Plasma TV insurance covers electrical and mechanical faults and accidental damages. That means almost any breakage will be taken care of by us. If your TV suddenly stops working all you have to do is make one phone call and we will get things sorted quickly and efficiently.  Our claims are usually resolved within 5 days, and if you need an engineer called out, we usually have a turnaround time of as little as 24 hours.

Plasma TV Insurance

With Prominence Support Plasma TV Insurance you also get:

  • Unlimited claims
  • In-house technical team
  • No excess
  • No additional costs on parts, repairs, or labour
  • A national network of engineers
  • Quick repairs
  • Electrical and mechanical breakdown cover
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Similar specification replacement TV if we can’t fix it, or contribution towards the cost of a new one
  • Personalised cover
  • Cancel anytime
  • 21 day money-back guarantee


Why should I get Plasma TV Insurance?


Many people choose not to take out insurance on their plasma TV because they think it is an unnecessary expense. But if anything goes wrong with your TV and you start considering the time and money it takes to organise technicians, parts, and repairs, you soon find out that doing your own TV repairs and replacements ends up being far more expensive.

Warranties might also cover you for a short time, but when you read the fine print you will notice that the cover is often limited and only lasts for a few months.


Prominence Support has excellent deals, and with discounts of up to 50% when you insure multiple items, your TV insurance will pay for itself in the long run. When you get TV insurance you are also getting peace of mind that your TV is protected.


How much does Plasma TV Insurance cost?


At Prominence Support we recognise that everyone has different needs and your policy should reflect that fact. That’s why we consider the purchase value of your plasma TV as well as how many appliances you insure with us, and which payment plan you choose. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual payment plans and you can save big with an annual payment. 


Prices for Plasma TV insurance start as low as £2.79/month.