Plumbing and Drainage Insurance Cover


Running taps, a flushing toilet, and clear drains are things no one thinks about – until they stop working! Having dripping taps, or worse, a sewerage problem, is not only frustrating and unhygienic, but it can also be downright expensive if you don’t have the right kind of insurance to protect you. Severe problems can even lead to structural damage to your house. Plumbing and drainage insurance, part our home emergency insurance is there to give you peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong with your water supply and waste, a professional is only a phone call away.


Most homeowners will already have home insurance, but a lot of these policies do not come with cover for things like leaking toilets or blocked drains. Plumbing problems can happen to anyone at any time and require qualified professionals to be fixed. As most plumbing and drainage problems are urgent, this can result in huge expenses and a lot of stress if you do not have insurance already or did not know you weren’t insured. Prominence plumbing and drainage insurance is there to fill the gaps in your home insurance to give you full security and peace of mind.


When you insure with Prominence Support you are guaranteed cost-effective and comprehensive plumbing and drainage cover. Prominence Support are leaders in the insurance industry, providing protection for your home should a water-based emergency occur. Our policies offer you what you need with no hidden costs and excellent benefits.


Plumbing and drainage cover

What is covered by your Plumbing and Drainage Insurance?


Prominence Support offers two main types of plumbing and drainage insurance: home emergency cover, and complete home cover. 


Our Home Emergency Cover will help you with any issue that might

  • Make your home unsafe or hazardous to live in
  • Make your home vulnerable to break-ins and theft
  • Cause permanent damage to your home
  • Risk your health or wellbeing

Plumbing insurance

Regardless of the level of cover you choose, our Plumbing Insurance will always cover the basics so that you don’t need to worry. Your policy will include cover for:


  • Blocked or leaking drains
  • Issues with water supply into your property
  • Burst Pipes
  • Leaking radiators
  • Faulty hot water cylinder repairs
  • Issues with internal waste pipes, including leaks from sink and bathtub drainage pipes


All of our engineers and workers are qualified and trained and we work with a trusted network of engineers to ensure you have the best service.  


Our insurance policies also include all repairs and parts, meaning you won’t have any unexpected bills after your plumbing problems are sorted. You can rest assured that your plumbing problems will be fixed quickly and efficiently without leaving a hole in your bank balance or your wall.

Our two levels of cover help you to get the best possible cover for your home. Choose between our Home Emergency Cover which offers 24/7 call out and cover for burst pipes and blocked drains, or our Complete Home Cover which offers everything our emergency cover takes care of, with many added benefits, including boiler cover. 


Use this table to help you decide which cover is right for you. 


Home Emergency Cover Complete Home Emergency Cover
Key Areas Covered Burst Pipes Boiler
Plumbing and Drainage Controls
Key and Home Security Central Heating System
Pest Infestations Yearly Boiler Service
Internal Electrical Wiring Up to £500 Per Claim
Dislodged Roof tiles Up to £250 hotel expenses
Up to £250 hotel expenses Plumbing, drainage, and dislodged roof tiles
Mains Services Internal electrical wiring
Break-in and vandalism Pest Infestations
Mains service
Break-in and vandalism
More of what is covered Parts and Labour included Failure of permanently installed electrical wiring
24/7 call-out Failure of wall sockets, switches, fuse boxes, bulb sockets, light fixtures, circuit breakers and transformers
Multiple call outs Being Locked out of your home because your only available key has been stolen, lost or damaged or the lock to your main door isn’t working.
Disturbed or missing roof tiles
Parts and Labour included
24/7 call-out
Multiple call outs

Plumbing and Drainage Cover

What Benefits do you offer with your Plumbing and Drainage Insurance?


We want to offer you the best service and product, so in addition to your standard insurance policy we also offer an array of benefits. When your take out a plumbing and drainage policy with Prominence Support you also benefit from


  • Multiple call outs at no extra cost
  • Engineer appointments that are usually arranged within 24 hours
  • A trusted network of qualified engineers
  • Cover for every aspect, including parts, repairs, and labour.
  • No hidden fees
  • A single number to call when things go wrong
  • Peace of mind


How much does Plumbing and Drainage Insurance Cost?


Our Plumbing and Drainage cover starts at as little as £1.92 per month! 

We offer different payment packages so that you can take advantage of additional savings by paying for your insurance on an annual basis. If you prefer to break up your payments, you can also pay quarterly or monthly (on a 30-day rolling contract).


In addition to our competitive prices, you can also enjoy the certainty that there are no hidden fees and all call-outs, engineers, labour, repair, and parts costs are covered by your policy.


Home Emergency Cover Standard Home Emergency Cover Premium
From £4.99/month From £7.99/month




What are the limits of your Plumbing and Drainage Insurance?


If the plumbing problems on your property are caused by pipes that are outside or off your property then you may not be able to contact us, you will need to contact your local authorities who are responsible for pipes outside private property.


If you live in a flat there is also a possibility that we will be unable to insure certain pipes that are shared with other properties.

If you are uncertain, you can call us now for advice and an obligation free quote on 03300885768.

Prominence Support are here to help you

If something goes wrong with your plumbing and drainage, a Prominence Support plumbing and drainage insurance policy will save you the late night frantic phone calls and unexpected expenses of a plumbing emergency. We get things back to normal for you in no time, and all you need to do is make one phone call.

Simplify your life and trust us with your plumbing and drainage insurance needs.


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