Samsung Tv Insurance

Samsung TVs are some of the most highly rated and popular televisions and if you own one you and those in your household probably use it every day. That is why it is important to consider insuring your Samsung TV so that you are protected against the costs should your TV suddenly develop a problem or be accidentally damaged.

With the size of televisions in the home generally increasing in size in recent years, and TVs being more feature-packed than ever before, this means that repair costs for your Samsung TV could be substantial. If your Samsung TV develops a problem outside of your warranty period or one of your family members damages your TV accidentally, the last thing you need is a massive repair bill.

Think about the inconvenience that being without your Samsung TV would cause? Aside from not being able to watch TV programmes and major sports events, you’d also be prevented from watching streaming services on the big screen. That is why Prominence Support is there for you, to provide you with Samsung TV insurance and ensure you are covered in the event of a breakdown or accidental damage.


What Samsung TVs do you provide insurance cover for?

We provide insurance for the majority of Samsung TVs and other televisions and appliances in the home, protecting you against accidental damage and mechanical and electrical breakdown. 

Our TV insurance will provide covers for a range of Samsung TVs including:

  • QLED TVs
  • Crystal UHD TVs
  • 4K TVs
  • 8K TVs
  • Smart TVs
  • Full HD/HD TVs

From smaller TVs of around 32 inches to massive TV over 70 inches, we cover a wide range of Samsung televisions. Our Samsung TV insurance gives you full peace of mind, ensuring that you won’t face future repair cost when something goes wrong.

What cover does Samsung TV insurance provide?

Samsung TV insurance covers the costs of repair for your television should it develop a fault or be damaged accidentally. While any Samsung TV warranty you might have will provide you with some cover for a limited period, it won’t usually cover you for accidental damage, plus the warranty will usually have expired when you need to call upon it!

Having insurance with Prominence Support’s insurance means you are insulated from any cost of repair should your Samsung TV stop working or sustain damage. We handle your repair for you without any costs to you. We aim to get an engineer out to you (usually within 24 hours) and get your TV working again. If your Samsung TV isn’t repairable, we’ll arrange a replacement TV for you or provide you with a financial contribution towards a new one.


Included in our Samsung TV insurance cover is the following;

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns
  • Accidental damage
  • No limit on the number of claims you can make
  • Repairs, parts and labour costs
  • Similar specification TV replacement if we can’t repair it
  • In-house technical assistance
  • A national network of engineers
  • Speedy repairs
  • Cancel anytime
  • Engineer appointments usually within 24 hours
  • Personalised cover level
  • 21 days money-back guarantee


How much is it to insure my Samsung TV?

Insuring your Samsung TV is cost-effective especially if you insure multiple TVs or other appliances with us. The cost of Samsung TV insurance also takes into account the purchase price of your TV.

Here are some suggested costs of insuring your Samsung TV:


Appliance Purchase price range (£) Cost/from (month)
Samsung TV £0-200 £1.92
Samsung TV £201-500 £2.75
Samsung TV £501-800 £4.13
Samsung TV £801-1200 £5.50
Samsung TV £1201-1600 £6.88
Samsung TV £1601-2000 £8.25

Is Samsung TV insurance worth it?

If you are an avid TV watcher then clearly you don’t want to be without your Samsung TV for any length of time. Whether you use it to catch up on the big sporting events, watch blockbuster movies, enjoy streaming services or something else, TV insurance will ensure all of this doesn’t come to a prolonged stop should your TV stop working.

A problem with your Samsung TV can be a big disruption, bigger than you would probably have anticipated unless it has happened to you before. Ask yourself if you would have the spare cash to cover the cost of repairs or even having to replace your Samsung TV entirely, and you then begin to understand how important television insurance can be to you. Having Samsung TV insurance provides peace of mind and ensures that you will not face a sudden repair bill or worse.

It’s a fact that many owners of Samsung televisions choose not to insure them in the mistaken belief that insurance cover will prove far more expensive than the cost of a repair. Others prefer to take a risk and rely solely on the manufacturer’s warranty, but unfortunately, the majority of problems occur outside of the warranty period and they generally don’t provide any protection against accidental damage.

How do I get a quote for my Samsung TV?

If you want a quote for your Samsung TV, visit our Appliance Quote page and select your TV and other appliance(s) you are looking to insure. Input a few basic details about your Samsung TV (plus any other appliances), and we’ll provide you with your quote. Alternatively, if you prefer to arrange your Samsung TV insurance over the phone, speak to our customer services team.

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